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By anthak on Aug 30, 2017 at 10:35 PM
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    The 2017 season has come to an end, and now is probably the best time to reflect on the season. We might even come across something that we can learn from for next season.

    In the comments below, let us know:
    • Your best and worst trades of 2017
    • Even post a list of all your trades if you wish
    • Any major mistakes you made, or any significant decisions you nailed
    • Share any learnings you picked up through the season... comical or otherwise ;)
    • & anything else you want to share

    I'll list the top 10 scorers (top 5 for ruck) from each position (DPP in only 1 list) to reflect on too:

    Def: Docherty 115; Adams 108; Laird 100; Simpson 94; Hurley 103; Roberton 93; JMcGovern 91; Howe 94; Rance 90; Tuohy 88.
    Mid: Danger 136; Dusty 119; Titchell 119; Oliver 111; Crouch 111; Sloane 110; Kelly 114; Murphy 108; Zorko 111; Bontempelli 105.
    Ruck: Kruezer 110; Ryder 103; Martin 98; Jacobs 96; McEvoy 95.
    Fwd: McRae 107; Buddy 98; Yeo 102; Billings 93; Dixon 91; Dahl 91; Higgins 92; Westhoff 87; Rough 87; Gunston 86.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by anthak, Aug 30, 2017.

    1. anthak
      I thought I should get this up before it goes really quiet around here, although it might be too late for that already.

      I'm interested to hear from everybody.
    2. choppers
      Banchang slipping from 7th to 18th in the ORFFU...........where did I go wrong!!!!..:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    3. anthak
      For me

      Best trades:
      Round 3, essentially Wingard to Adams. Adams a must have all season. This was actually a double trade, also included Mitch Hibberd out for Dan Butler in.
      Round 4, O'Meara to Newman. Cut ties with JOM early and Newman was spectacular for a rookie
      Round 6, WHE to McRae. Couldve waited for WHE to grow more in price, but was good opportunity to jump on McRae who pumped out good scores all season.
      Round 9, Houston to Greenwood, for his 100 on debut, saved a donut
      Round 12, Sandi to Kruezer. Got Krueze at $525 right after his bye

      Worst trades:
      Round 8. Hampton to Heater Shaw. Shaw immediately spudded it up after I brought him in. Plus, I ended up with Newman on the bench that week with his 151 when he probably would've been onfield if I hadnt have traded in a 6th prem def that week.
      Round 13. Shaw to Lloyd. Lloyd struggled ever since i brought him in. I didnt even get him at his cheapest.

      Major mistakes: 3 of these...
      1. Round 5. I had my team set and then decided to set up a bench loophole so I put Hampton on the bench for Stewart and after Hampton tonned up, I forgot to swap stewart off field before he locked. I was literally making the swap as the game started so only just missed out. Lost 33 points.
      2. Round 16. Was all set to trade Scooter Selwood to Lynch but missed my chance because the M/F I needed to move had locked out by the time I was ready to do the trade. stupid mistake. I ended up doing the same trade the following week, but Lynch had gone up in price by $8k in the meantime.
      3. Round 21. Had my team set as Danger VC and Kreuzer C, then reversed trades with less than an hour to go before lockout. Danger auto VC from previous week, and I reset my C to Kreuze. I then played around with my trades again and made the trade I wanted (Lynch to Ryder). Not long before lockout, I decided to reverse trades so I could hold off until last possible minute to make the trade (in case any late injuries etc). But I forgot to reset my cap. All week I had been aware that I would have to make a call on my VC score very soon after Danger's game due to fixtures of my other players. So, half way through his game, he is doing well and I go to get ready to set up the loophole and realise the cap is locked on Dusty! I couldnt believe it and then I started rooting for Dusty for the rest of the game, but alas it was to no avail and I lost another 33 points here... Also, I ended up making the same trade so I could have just left it the way it was prior to lockout

      Poor judgement:
      Starting with JOM (seemed like a good idea at the time haha)
      Decided to start with Adams and went to put him in my team but Coll game had already started. was very annoyed at the time and then traded him in before r3.
      Round 3, doubled up VC Pendles' 125 when Danger then scored 138 (I can live with that)
      Round 8, really wanted to bring in Heeney, but decided to prioritise bringing in Shaw. Shaw was no good all round. I brought in Heeney a week later at $38k more and missed his 130! This same decision also caused me to hold off on Dusty a week more than I'd wanted to (bad planning), I'd been aiming to get Dusty after he bottomed out after his early season run of 4 poor scores. After he initially started on fire Id thought I would grab him as soon as he scored a hundred again, but that came the same week I wanted Heeney and I picked Heeney because he was rising in price quicker than Dusty, but Dusty went and scored 144 that week and went up $16k. Wish I'd not bothered on Shaw, grabbed Heeney and Dusty each a week earlier and also may have had Newman onfield in r8 for his 151 too haha. Lots of what-ifs but they are reasonable possibilities if I hadnt have prioritised Shaw.
      Was very close to trading in Ryder for the 3 bye rounds and wish I had've. I decided on Laird instead at the time. Laird was only up and down for me.
      Round 12, choosing Rocky (92) as captain, after VC Titchell (113). (Danger on bye)

      Good judgement:
      Starting with: Docherty, Tuohy, MMurphy, Titchell, Beams (wish I hadve kept him longer though), Witts, Nank, Dahl, Roughie (also wish I hadve kept him)
      Round 11, trading out Steele at $470k (I was particularly happy with this as I was tossing up keeping him all season)

      Lucky breaks:
      Very lucky I avoided some of the big injuries that happened early in games, such as Gawn, Lloyd, Beams, Jelwood etc.

      Learnings: I think one thing that worked particularly well for me was to start with an extra rookie with a fair bit of $ in the bank. It allowed me a lot of flexibility with my early trades, including having enough money to bring in Adams as a fixup and Rockliff at his most expensive haha, not long before his injury... Ok ok that didnt work out so well, but it was great to have the $ to be able to do something like that, and I did get a couple of nice scores out of him early. I also think the extra rookie allowed me some extra cash generation throughout the year that helped too.
      Another thing that worked well was trading aggressively, especially not waiting for rookies to completely max out, i traded many of my rookies early and started getting premium scores earlier.

      Anyway, Ive written way more than I thought I would...

      I'm really curious to hear from others and hopefully we can learn some things from each other.
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    4. graeme
      Good idea for a thread ant. Disclaimer: these comments are from one set of observations, they are not intended to be anything other than discussion starters.

      thekidsareallright finished 5257 which was cool given that league wins were my objective at the start of the year. I won the only two leagues I entered because I conserved trades for the finals. While seldom trading, other than to sensure being in the top 8 in both leagues, thekids moved up over 8,000 places after round 14. Question: Do we confuse ourselves by concentrating on one objective, when perhaps the only real difference is using / saving trades which in many cases seem to turn out as marginal at best?

      The definition of a premium / elite player seems blurred this year The kids had 14 players priced (please don't confuse this with "valued") at >$500 at the end of the comp. Docherty, Adams, Hibberd, Dangerfield, T Mitchell, D Martin, Fyfe, J Kelly, Z Merrett, B Crouch, B Grundy, Macrae, Franklin and Ryder. That seems low by previous years. Another 7 players were priced at between $400 and $499. Question: shouldn't our focus be on potential and performance rather than be blinded by price as the arbiter of quality and forget about aiming to have (say) 15 players priced at >$500 in our initial side?

      The kids had 12 players who averaged over 100 for the year (ok, plus Hibbo at >99). However, of those 13 not all were on the list of 14 who were priced at >$500. Laird and Yeo were lower priced. B Crouch, Grundy and Franklin while priced at >$500 did not average 100. Question: what lessons (if any) should we takeaway about the definitions of which players are elite / premium viewed from the end of the 2017 season? Is your list based on performance or price?
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    5. walesy
      What killed me this year was banking on old favourites.

      Shaw, Ablett, Selwood, Hanners, Rockliff, Pendles. Guns of years past which caused me to miss those young guys that stepped up this year and took their spot- Titch, Oliver, Crouch, Kelly. That ilk.
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    6. Owen
      Similar to me Walesy. Traded in Hanners when I thought his value was too good to pass up when Oliver would have been the better option. Next year will see a changing of the guards into my team. Youngsters like M. Crouch, Kelly, Oliver, Titch, Cripps, Blakely, Merret, Heeney will all be considered. For some reason I always discount players that you could get as dual positions the year before. So Gray last year, and Dusty this year - until mid way through the season when I realise that they are good enough just for the midfield. I wonder if there will be another player that will do that, perhaps Taylor Adams?
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    7. anthak
      @graeme ill respond with my thoughts to your questions.
      Yep, i reckon aim for overall rank and you could give yourself a good shot at leagues anyway. If you save trades, the main way they will be beneficial is covering a donut. If you use your trades early, they have more time to earn points for you, except when you're covering a zero cause you can make up big pts just in that week. So i reckon trade early and take the risk your players will stay on the park.
      I ended the season with Jelwood and Witts out, but still had enough flexibility and decent-enough players to cover them. in saying that though, i was playing defenders in my mids near the end and if i had trades i couldve brought in premium mids.
      And also, you beat me in 1 grand final with your league strategy!

      Definitely agree with this. However i still think you need a rough balance of rookies and "premiums". The more rookies you have the better chance you have to get the players you want who you think are most likely to perform.

      I dont think you should worry too much about players' prices at the end of season. Prices fluxuate so much throughout the season. 1 bad/big game will usually send a price dramatically down/up over the next few weeks, so its not really a true indicator of season-long form.
    8. stowie
      I say this to myself every year, use the Trading Games team as a base and work from there.

      The lineup is always solid, features most of the popular players and has minimal risks.

      It's a great place to start from and always scores competitively.
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    9. Len
      100% my plan too, though it's been my plan the last 2 years and I keep falsely feeling I know better
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    10. anthak

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