2017 Round Review: Round 21

Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Aug 13, 2017.

By walesy on Aug 13, 2017 at 7:10 PM
  1. walesy

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    Nov 30, 2015
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    Well, it appears that I'm some kind of seer now.

    The bad news though, is that I'm on a bye this week, so I didn't trade diddly in.

    And honestly, with the Prelim on next week, I'm a little scared to do it again now. :D

    How good has Fyfe gone of late? That guy has been killing it since everyone traded him out!

    Anyways, how have you all gone? Still in the hunt for the silverware?
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Aug 13, 2017.

    1. TheTassieHawk
      2208 for my lot.

      Down by 16 points and out in straight sets in the TS Playing for Keeps
      Smashed by @leematty1 in the ORFFF Trippers SC league

      Sadly no prelims for me in 2017.

      Hopefully others are looking much better.
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    2. port_leschenault
      2224. Buddy trade in a stroke of genius. Neale trade in and saving $30-50k over Dusty a few rounds ago, not looking smart at all.
    3. anthak
      Im happy I won my only semi final (against @Fitzy ) by 23 points, so Im into the prelim in all 8 of my leagues.
      @Fitzy knocked me off in the ORFFA finals though which I would've much preferred to have won if I couldve chosen one out of the 2.

      I ended up with 2361 this week in SC. Still absolutely :spew: about my captaincy blunder which cost me 33 points :mad:
      Also Neale was disappointing.
      Nank was just filling in, but still a 61 isnt too inspiring.
      Apart from that, Lloyd and Hurn both low 80s are the only scores I'm concerned will hurt me, as well as Neale.

      Hurn I traded in a couple of weeks ago and I was choosing mainly out of Zac Williams and him, I went with Hurn because nobody else had him and it hasnt worked out thus far, Williams wouldve been better by 48 points so far since the trade, but hopefully Hurn can turn it around in the last 2 weeks. I should also note that I was considering Houli at the time too but I decided against him due to extra cash needed and Im glad I did that because that extra $$ allowed me to trade Lynch to Ryder this week.
    4. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      Thanks to some good luck I got through my TS Div 3 semi and am now through to prelims in all 3 leagues. Unfortunately (for him) my opponent picked the wrong week to have a shocker and 2196 got me through. Unfortunately I come up against Anthak next week
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    5. anthak
      Isnt the first time I stuffed up my loopholes this season too, with a mistake in round 5 also costing me 33 points. damn! :(
    6. anthak
      dont worry mate, my team's a bit battered and Im outta trades so anything could happen
    7. Royboy Forever
      Royboy Forever
      I am also out of trades and have been for two weeks - luck has kept me in the game but might not hold up. At least I get ZMerrett back next week but team selections could leave me short
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    8. anthak
      Lockout is over.

      Im in to 24th. Nice to move the right direction again after sliding the last couple of weeks.
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    9. Len
      Woeful for me, back to my irrelevant average, TG team though managed 2475, happy with that
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    10. stripey
      1995 for me this week... without any changes the same team is projected to score 2360 this week so will just have to write it down as an absolute shocker!!

      Dropped 1900 spots to just outside the 5k...

      Neale, Newman, Ryan, McRae, Gawn, Dahl and Greenwood the most notable disappointments... lost 4 from 4... lucky I had the bye in my other 4 leagues.
    11. walesy
      stats are stated
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    12. bosco
      Nice 1 mate....close to top 10 now.

      I've just looked and shocked to find out I moved up to 45th...highest ranking for the season so far and surprised given neale, greenwood, nank and zork scores and also no franklin. Wow.....pleased with that
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    13. IPOD
      Well a couple of forced trades this week with Ducky and Lynch done for the year bringing in Parker and JJK (who at -4 at 1/4 time looked to be a big mistake) and into 2/2 prelims with a 2405 but down to 1 trade and hoping like hell i can get through unscathed at selection this week and with some luck a GF birth an some $$$$. Big shout out to Buddy (toyed with him as VC decided on Danger) Danger Heeney Adams and even Darcy filling in the ruck for Grundy picked me up a 99. Good luck all those in a prelim and to those going for overall
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    14. Bucko
      Who to bring in for Jelwood ? (Had week off last week - money is not an issue)
      :1:Tom Mitchell
      :2:Matt Crouch
      :3:Josh Kelly
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    15. bosco
      I can't go past Matt Crouch recently....great POD also. Titch has possibly dropped off marginally I believe and really seems to get the bulk of his points in the first part of games and can score minimally later in the game (my observation but no evidence). Josh Kelly also a winner I think and couldn't go wrong with him I think.

      All great options but Crouch for me at this time.
    16. TheTassieHawk
    17. Owen
    18. anthak
    19. anthak
      Thanks mate. I might be too far away from top10. 218 pts - will be tough to catch up in just 2 weeks...

      Looks like 12th will be my peak this season where i was a few weeks ago.

      But ive still got my fingers crossed hoping to get up there and push into the prize money :)

      Well done to you too, good to see youre still moving in the right direction. Lets hope for a big final 2 weeks!

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