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By TheTassieHawk on Feb 4, 2018 at 9:31 AM
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    AFLW season 2 sees a GF rematch in Round 1 and a 7 week plus Grand Final length season, as per 2017. Expansion is set for 2019 and 2020.

    The first ever AFLW prospectus is out now, and discussion has commenced about getting a draft/keeper league up and running for the 2019 season so register your ideas and interest below as needed.
    2018 Round 7 AFLW fixture
    GWS vs Brisbane, Fremantle vs Carlton, WB vs Melbourne, Collingwood vs Adelaide

    Too Serious AFLW Round 7 All Star Squads (those who made the 2018 AFLW All Stars in red)

    Team Marinoff - E Marinoff, D Pearce, C Gum, E Blackburn, K Donnellan, J Stanton, A O'Connor, J Lambert, B Jakobssen, C Molloy, H Miller, K Loynes, S Frederick-Traub, J Wuetschner, Sarah Hosking (aka GGDoL), H Scott, J Dal Pos, B Toogood, B Lochland, T Harris (replaced in selected side by Shelley Scott)

    Team Eva - A Eva, C Randall, E Kearney, K Lutkins, E King, E O'Dea, E Bates, A Farrugia, A Anderson, K Paxman, E Phillips, K Brennan, J Barclay, C Staunton (replaced in selected team by Jasmine Garner), E Antonio, D Hooker, L Pearce, J Duffin, C Edwards, N Barr

    Note C Bernardi (Coll), E McKinnon (GWS) and M Downie (Melb) did not get selected for Team Marinoff or Team Eva but were selected in the 2018 AFLW All Stars
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Discussion in 'ORFFW' started by TheTassieHawk, Feb 4, 2018.

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    1. anthak
      On the eye test, Jess Duffin was the most impressive, picked as a fwd for TeamEva, but played predominantly in the backline for the Pies and ran off her opponent at every opportunity. The others were all pretty good too. I didn’t see much of Ally Anderson but she managed to rack up a lot of possessions.
      Was good fun to go to the game.
      I went to heaps of Pies games last season, but moved away from Melbs last year and this has been the best chance to see Collingwood this season. It rained a fair bit but the game was still exciting and good to watch.
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    2. TheTassieHawk
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    3. anthak
      I hadn’t heard about these. Funny they both hit the same player. Maybe Webb taught Ballantyne :)
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    4. dmandrews
      @TheTassieHawk I can assure you there was no bribery provided to the AFLW Chairman in relation to the Chelsea Randall case. At team Eva we are still getting confused by our Randall’s and our Randle’s. On the weekend Len gave an awesome inspirational speech to Randle who promptly played the best game of their career, however it turns out Len gave the speech to the wrong player. After the rev-up from @Len LA Lakers forward/centre Julius Randle scored a career-high 36 points in a win against the Cavs, whilst also taking 14 rebounds and having seven rebounds. We know that Len’s inspirational speech was very effective, however we are running out of time for him to deliver the message to Chelsea Randall and the other non-GWS players, on the up-side Len has already given several motivational speeches to the GWS contingent of Team Eva who are ready to run through brick walls in the AFLW All-Star game.
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    5. anthak
      Pretty sure they're a majority of our team anyway ;)
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    6. anthak
      Team Eva team announcement:

      We have made a hard decision to let go Cora Staunton. We mainly drafted her for the leadership she would bring to training but now that the real stuff is here, we’ve called up Free Agent Jasmine Garner from Collingwood to fill a spot in the Team Eva forward line.

      @Len @dmandrews @anthak

      Team Eva, from the backline:

      D: Chelsea Randall, Kate Lutkins, Amanda Farrugia, Caitlin Edwards (e - Ebony Antonio)
      M: Emma Kearney, Elise O'Dea, Dana Hooker, Karen Paxman (e - Nicola Barr)
      R: Lauren Pearce (e - Emma King)
      F: Alicia Eva, Katie Brennan, Jess Duffin, Jasmine Garner (e - Jacinda Barclay)
      I: Erin Phillips, Emily Bates (e - Ally Anderson)

      Go you good things!
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    7. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Team Marinoff media beat up:

      On the back of a stellar game for the Dees, Shelley Scott has been recruited to bolster Team Marinoff's midfield.
      Tayla Harris takes a seat in the stands and assumes the role of official statistician.
      Bianca Jakobsson has overcome injury to hold her starting spot in our rock solid backline while Sabrina Frederick-Traub has edged out Aasta O'Connor for the coveted R1 mantle.

      Our freakin' awesome line up:

      Def: Stanton, Jakobsson, Miller, H Scott (Hosking)
      Mid: Marinoff, Pearce, Blackburn, Donellan (S Scott)
      Fwd: Gum, Lambert, Molloy, Loynes (Toogood)
      Ruck: Frederick-Traub (O’Connor)
      IC: Dal Pos, Lochland (Wuetschner)

      Bring it oooooooooooon!
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    8. Len
      Tayla hasn't taken it well, she has agreed to be our opposition analyst for the big game :)
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    9. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Err I think you have the wrong Harris. Tayla is still here, handcuffed to the bleachers.

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    10. TheTassieHawk
      Ding ding ding, let's rumble

      Team Eva vs Team Marinoff
      Lutkins (D1) vs Stanton (D1)
      Faruggia (D2) vs Gum (F1)
      Eva (F1) vs SFT (R1)
      Bates (IC1) vs Dal Pos (IC1)
      Barr (Mid emg) vs Wuetschner (IC emg)
      Barclay (Fwd emg) vs H Miller (D2)

      A Anderson (IC emg) vs Donnellan (M1)
      Hooker (M1) vs Loynes (F2)
      Antonio (Def emg) vs GGGDOL (Def Emg)
      Kearney (M2) vs Jakobsson (D3)
      O'Dea (M3) vs H Scott (D4)
      Paxman (M4) vs D Pearce (M2)
      L Pearce (R1) vs Blackburn (M3)
      Brennan (F2) vs Lochland (IC2)
      Randall (D3) vs S Scott (Mid Emg)

      Edwards (D4) vs Toogood (Fwd Emg)
      Duffin (F3) vs O'Connor (Ruck Emg)
      Garner (F4) vs EBONY Marinoff (M4)
      Phillips (IC2) vs Lambert (F3)

      King (Ruck Emg) vs Molloy (F4)

      Amazingly it is 4 vs 4 in the first quarter on Friday night. 3 Marinoffs then face a single Eva in the 2nd stanza while 5 players apiece take the field in the premiership quarter, both being played on Saturday. Team Eva brings it home with another 5 players against a trio of Marinoff's (including Ebony herself) as the inaugural AFLW All Star Game concludes on Sunday.

      Feel free to post progress scores throughout the weekend, although most likely we will have to figure them out on Sunday night or Monday. May the best team (and coaching panel) win !
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    11. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      No idea how to access these scores.
      General stats have some big games showing for the likes of Paxman, Hooker, Kearney and Bates so balance of power seems to have shifted in favour of the Eva-nites.
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    12. anthak

      Team Eva:

      D: Chelsea Randall 62, Kate Lutkins 65, Amanda Farrugia 57, Caitlin Edwards 48 (e - Ebony Antonio 91)
      M: Emma Kearney 80, Elise O'Dea 60, Dana Hooker 92, Karen Paxman 83 (e - Nicola Barr 49)
      R: Lauren Pearce 69 (e - Emma King 52)
      F: Alicia Eva 88, Katie Brennan 18, Jess Duffin 85, Jasmine Garner 104 (e - Jacinda Barclay 46)
      I: Erin Phillips 73, Emily Bates 58 (e - Ally Anderson 101)

      TOTAL= 1042

      Team Marrinoff:

      D: Stanton 58, Jakobsson 45, Miller 71, H Scott 54 (Hosking 89)
      M: Marinoff 94, Pearce 59, Blackburn 50, Donellan 82 (S Scott 34)
      R: Frederick-Traub 100 (O’Connor 32)
      F: Gum 31, Lambert 85, Molloy 57, Loynes 70 (Toogood 12)
      I: Dal Pos 41, Lochland 42 (Wuetschner 71)

      TOTAL= 939

      Team Eva win in a close one!
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    13. Bandit
      Great win, get stuffed
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    14. Len
      We had some big scores, and two of them on the bench too so could easily have scored another 100 or so.
      Garner call was a great one :)
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    15. TheTassieHawk
    16. TheTassieHawk
      Backs: Chloe Molloy (Collingwood), Kate Lutkins (Brisbane Lions)

      Half backs: Hannah Scott (Western Bulldogs), Chelsea Randall — captain (Adelaide), Ebony Antonio (Fremantle)

      Centres: Dana Hooker (Fremantle), Emma Kearney (Western Bulldogs), Alicia Eva (GWS Giants)

      Half forwards: Elise O’Dea (Melbourne), Sabrina Frederick-Traub (Brisbane Lions), Brooke Lochland (Western Bulldogs)

      Forwards: Jessica Wuetschner (Brisbane Lions), Christina Bernardi (Collingwood)

      Followers: Erin McKinnon (GWS GIANTS), Courtney Gum (GWS Giants), Daisy Pearce — vice-captain (Melbourne)

      Interchange: Emily Bates (Brisbane Lions), Tayla Harris (Carlton), Karen Paxman (Melbourne), Ellie Blackburn (Western Bulldogs), Meg Downie (Melbourne)
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    17. TheTassieHawk
    18. dmandrews
      Earlier this month I published an article on Milestones and misses comprehensively covering Monique Conti's sporting career to date. As the youngest player on an AFLW list for the 2018 season 18 year old Conti starred for the Western Bulldogs on the biggest stage of all winning the medal for best afield in the Grand Final. Conti's ability to win the contested ball, create space and provide drive for her team, particularly in the third quarter played a pivotal role in the Bulldogs gaining the ascendancy and eventually winning the Grand Final by six points. In her debut AFLW season Conti was named in the All-Australian squad of 40 players and was runner-up in the league's Rising Star Award.

      As well as Conti's Australian Rules career the article also covers her basketball career with Conti having played two seasons in the WNBL for the Melbourne Boomers having won the league's Rookie of the Year Award in her debut 2016/17 season. Conti was part of the Australian Sapphires team that won a gold medal at the 2016 under 17 World Championships held in Spain and was also recognised for her outstanding performances at this tournament, being selected in All-Star five. A link to the article on Conti as well as to the Milestones and misses homepage is provided below:


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    19. anthak
      Nice one! Conti has been one of my fave players in the WNBL. But I didn’t realise she was so young until I read this summary by you Dean.
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    20. TheTassieHawk
      thanks @dmandrews

      Does Conti have a shot at making the WNBA or making decent coin in Europe ? If so, would she be better off basketball wise chasing a US college scholarship rather than one through Deakin ?

      Personally I would be quite shocked if Conti lines up for the full 2018 AFLW over the 2018 WNBL and playoffs assuming the WNBL reverts to its regular season timing of previous seasons.

      It's certainly an interesting consideration for next seasons TS AFLW keeper league participants given her age and potential.
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