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    AFLW season 2 sees a GF rematch in Round 1 and a 7 week plus Grand Final length season, as per 2017. Expansion is set for 2019 and 2020.

    The first ever AFLW prospectus is out now, and discussion has commenced about getting a draft/keeper league up and running for the 2019 season so register your ideas and interest below as needed.
    2018 Round 7 AFLW fixture
    GWS vs Brisbane, Fremantle vs Carlton, WB vs Melbourne, Collingwood vs Adelaide

    Too Serious AFLW Round 7 All Star Squads (those who made the 2018 AFLW All Stars in red)

    Team Marinoff - E Marinoff, D Pearce, C Gum, E Blackburn, K Donnellan, J Stanton, A O'Connor, J Lambert, B Jakobssen, C Molloy, H Miller, K Loynes, S Frederick-Traub, J Wuetschner, Sarah Hosking (aka GGDoL), H Scott, J Dal Pos, B Toogood, B Lochland, T Harris (replaced in selected side by Shelley Scott)

    Team Eva - A Eva, C Randall, E Kearney, K Lutkins, E King, E O'Dea, E Bates, A Farrugia, A Anderson, K Paxman, E Phillips, K Brennan, J Barclay, C Staunton (replaced in selected team by Jasmine Garner), E Antonio, D Hooker, L Pearce, J Duffin, C Edwards, N Barr

    Note C Bernardi (Coll), E McKinnon (GWS) and M Downie (Melb) did not get selected for Team Marinoff or Team Eva but were selected in the 2018 AFLW All Stars
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Discussion in 'ORFFW' started by TheTassieHawk, Feb 4, 2018.

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