2019 AFL Round 12 (Bye #1): Reviews & Discussions

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, Jun 11, 2019.

By Cpt Pugwash on Jun 11, 2019 at 2:30 PM
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    Some impressive scores posted in the first round of the byes. Well done to anyone who scored 2000+ and picked Cripps as Captain.

    For anyone who didn't go so well, there's two bye rounds to go to make amends.

    Burning Questions:
    • How did your Round 12 plan go?
    • Score and Rank?
    • What worked, What didn't work?
    • How are you positioned for what's regarded as the Bye Round of Death (I made that up)?
    • Trades and strategy for this week?
    • How many Premo's on field will you have this week?
    I'll say it again...
    Only an idiot would leave their team unattended during the byes and go hiking for 65km in the Grampians for two days with not phone reception (queue self reflection music)…:confused: … My Mrs can get stuffed next year.

    1785 pts :poop: and missed both Cripps and Danger's scores for Cpt's Choice :mad:

    Though it could always be worse:

    REMINDER: Crows and Tigers Play Thursday Night
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by Cpt Pugwash, Jun 11, 2019.

    1. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      • How did your Round 12 plan go (No good - Buggered the Cpt and VC options)
      • Score and Rank (1785 & 14,500 rank - down 5K)
      • What worked (Not a lot) What didn't work (Going away with no phone reception)
      • How are you positioned for what's regarded as the Bye Round of Death (20 players on field. 22 Available)?
      • Trades and strategy for this week (Moore, Hore, Clark - OUT, Sicily, Daniels, Bewley - IN)
      • How many Premo's on field will you have this week (14)
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    2. stripey
      • How did your Round 12 plan go? Good, VC on Cripps got the weekend off to a flyer!
      • Score and Rank? 2083 & 4,840 rank - down 3.5k
      • What worked, What didn't work? not sure trades worked, brought in Jelly, Cogs, & Naish (Naish ok) for Whitfield, Libba and Gibbons - did wonder if the new coach would impact Gibbons scoring, doesn't matter now... he's dead to me...
      • How are you positioned for what's regarded as the Bye Round of Death (I made that up)? 17 onfield before trades - 19 after trades (Moore - of Hawks variety, and Hately could possibly to add to that fingers crossed)
      • Trades and strategy for this week? Lobb has to go sadly, was a good starting pick, Clark & Answerth - OUT, Bewley, Ryan, TBA (Mid/Def or Mid/Fwd DPP rookie donut?) - IN
      • How many Premo's on field will you have this week? 11 before trades plus Smith, Walsh & ROB semi-premo - 6 on bench plus Hore

      Would make my starting lineup - byes and injuries aside as follows:

      DEF: Hurn, Lloyd, Ryan, Williams, Hore, Smith (Duursma, Naish)
      MID: Jelly, Fyfe, Oliver, Cripps, Macrae, Cogs, Mouch, Walsh (Bewley, Hately, DPP donut)
      RUC: Gawn, ROB (Bines)
      FWD: Telly, Dunkley, Danger, Cameron, Marshall, Larkey (Moore, Young)

      and $325k cash for next weeks splurge - 10 trades left

      Not sure I'll get fully upgraded but p
      lan was be to turn Smith/Hore into Whitfield, Walsh into Neale, ROB to Grundy, Larkey to Heeney/Hoff - now I'm looking at it, I need to get players in next week and they're either still gonna be injured and/or still dropping in price... o_O
    3. dunny29
      I'm happy with 1978, rank up to 15,340. Ended up bringing in Cameron over Daniel to avoid a donut thinking I can cover Rd 14, assuming I can cover and he plays all games I basically get another score than I would've.
      8 premos with the bye this week is gonna hurt!

      I have 14 trades, 4.5 upgrades required. I'm looking at a single or double downgrade (if you can call it that) this week. Hayes/Answerth to Bewley/Gardner, Hopefully this sees me with 18/19 playing this week.
      Next week though... most of the rookies I'd planned to cull next week scored well last match so I want to hold for 2 price cycles/until maxed (Burgess/Duursma/Gibbons/Butters) which would mean trading them after the byes.
      I'm looking at Macrae and Hurn once they have the bad scores cycle out. Not sure I'll be able to achieve this and avoid a donut Rd 14, I may have to go early trading Burgess or Gibbons for a playing rookie.

      Future Plan - Next week I'll be looking at upgrading BCrouch (to possibly Macrae), perhaps cash in Duursma also.
      In 2-3 weeks Duursma/Burgess become Hurn
      and Butters/Gibbons to a M7 (possibly Cunnington or an option below)
      Hopefully I have enough cash to get here, my rough forecast says I've ~$40k cash, so not much room but an option below could help me out.

      That leaves me with hopefully 7 trades remaining and needing to upgrade M8 and Mummy to Gawn (this looks like hurting me even more after the weekend). I need my rookies to put in some decent scores so I can have 2 trades remaining to cover injuries (which I know is already cutting it fine, but I think this would leave me in a very strong position compared to most). If I get some luck, having 3 remaining would be great.

      It feels odd, normally byes (especially the 2nd/3rd) you want to be burning trades to get premo's in, it doesn't really make sense for me to do that if I want full premo and a trade or 2 spare.

      Bont/Sloane/Merrett could be value at sub $550k around (Rd 14/15/16),
      Price possibilities ~Rd 15 (Mids averaging 100+ with a low score to cycle out)

      112, Bont sub $530k (73 last match)
      110, Merrett sub $540k (85 last match)
      107, Sloane sub $510k (may have dropped $75k after the coming week due to the injury impacted 35)
      107, Oliver sub $550k (53 just cycled out)
      105, Treloar sub $500k (104, 68, 93 last 3)
      103, MCrouch sub $500k (123, 54 injury, 97)
      101, Shiel sub $500k (68 injury last start)
      98, Rockliff sub $470k, could be a M8 option for those struggling with trades/cash due to the odd bad score keeping his price low

      The top 4 especially could be strong value Mid targets.
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    4. bunza52
      1906, ranked 17,544, 17 trades and $153k. J Kelly with the C. Was tossing up between Neale and Cripps for the VC & decided on Neale. Was looking great at HT when Neale was about 80 & Cripps 50 odd. Got 8 premo's + Hoff this week. Will trade Whitfield to Ryan & either Boak or Dunkley. Currently have 15 playing, which includes Balta. Hoping Moore gets named for the hawks, with Wingard out, so might have 16 before trading, so this week will be tough. Next week will be a breeze, as Ill only have 4 premo's out.
      TG much better. C on Gawn & pulling in Cunnington. 2,034, ranked 2,935. 12 premo's this week. Only 13 trade and $63k. Rooks dont have much value, so would have to triple trade to get one more premo.
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    5. dabombers
      • How did your Round 12 plan go? Let's not talk about that!!!
      • Score and Rank? 1849 and 2123(down 963 in one round)
      • What worked, What didn't work? Not much worked apart from some small cash generated.
      • How are you positioned for what's regarded as the Bye Round of Death (I made that up)? Position for this round, um, can I say bent over and poised to cop it hard!! Looks like I will be scarred for a while after this round....
      • Trades and strategy for this week? Strategy has had to changed and that is after only one game's teams are announced. Was hoping to only have one upgrade left after this round, yet after trading in Edwards(Rich) a few weeks ago on a risk/reward. I have had to switch from Baker upgrade to Edwards sideways to keep players on field.. Still upgrading two Fwds to Premo this week.
      • How many Premo's on field will you have this week? 11 Premo's this week yet will only be able to get to 17 players max. And it could quickly be less if certain players aren't named...

      As Red is the colour associated with Rage!!! I choose my colour and stick by it!!!....

      P.S. Has anyone noticed how good Red goes with Black!!!
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    6. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Red and Black should see you rise up, up!
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    7. Senator96
      Hey folks apologies if this is the wrong thread but I'm thinking of bringing in Blakely this week for Clark in the backline as his scores are heading in the right direction, proven ball winner and can be picked as a defender this year. Can anyone tell me what part of the ground he has been playing in his 3 games so far? If it in the mids i'll jump on otherwise might be wiser to go for Sicily...or some may argue its wiser to go sicily anyway! Cheers
    8. stripey
      All over the ground it seems... just not forward 50


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    9. TheTassieHawk
      A query regarding Naish from the Tiges – named for his 2nd game - for those who haven't already traded him in.

      Is he a definite trade in this week (ie by lockout tonight) assuming you can wear his Round 14 bye?

      If not do we trade in other rookies like Clarke and Gardner if named and then plan to trade Naish in next week during his bye or Round 15 when he is named for his 3rd game ?

      Is anyone planning to pass on him altogether due to not being able to fit him into your backline ?
    10. stripey
      I got him in last week to get his Rd 12 score and free cash for trades... wasnt unhappy with the result but will have Duursma and Answerth as my other floating defence options. Would be nice if he stays in the team but it won't kill me if he doesnt... Not sure Clarke has better JS than Naish?

      Gardner's scoring ability worries me.... I did read he wasn't really going that well in the VFL which made his automatic selection for the Dogs a bit strange..fills a void I guess
    11. Senator96
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    12. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      I like Naish. Good first hit out and if Dimmers response on the bench was anything to go by when he kicked his goal. He's got some JS.
      He will be better for the run and settle into the team (IMO). 15 kicks to 5 handballs is a good ratio.
    13. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Oh Great - Hatley named again. JS still dodgey.
    14. Cpt Pugwash
      Cpt Pugwash
      Keep and eye on NEW Nth Player.
      • Kyron Hayden (F/M) $102,400

      Helpful for DPP swing purposes - has good VFL Form.
    15. IPOD
      FML Burgess Corbett and R.Young all out I went from 18 to 14 luckily D.Moore came back otherwise would be down to 13 thinking Whitfield- Ryan Burgess - Naish and Corbett - Gardiner will at least give me 17 with half a chance. This will still leave 16 trades and 265k for some upgrades this week

      TU - good idea
      TD - take a hit forget this week
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    16. Cpt Pugwash

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