2019 ORFFW is happening !!

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By TheTassieHawk on Dec 2, 2018 at 11:41 AM
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    The 2019 AFLW regular season is set to commence on 2nd February and concludes in Mid March.

    During 2018 we have had an AFLW discussion thread http://tooserious.net/forum/threads/2018-aflw-discussion.90069/ and eventually decided to hold an AFLW all stars match with teams chosen by @Bandit, @That KI Guy, @Len, @dmandrews, @anthak and yours truly.

    The natural progression is to establish one or more AFLW fantasy football leagues in 2019 with the considerable bonus of nil overlap with the 2019 seasons for AFL Supercoach and other annual fantasy AFL comps.

    I have discussed with @walesy the mechanics of getting http://tooserious.net/forum/tsLeagues.php and http://tooserious.net/forum/stats.php support as well as potentially having match scoring linked to weekly website uploads rather than manual spreadsheet based alternatives (either in 2019 or future years).

    Please note that http://tooserious.net/forum/threads/afl-womens-comp-details-discussion-thread.90306/ has been set up as a separate thread to look at some of the key fixture, league format decisions and scoring system deliberations that need to be made in the next 4-6 weeks so that this thread can remain uncluttered.

    For those of you who missed out this season please let us know now or later on if you are interested in joining up in 2020.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by TheTassieHawk, Dec 2, 2018.

    1. TheTassieHawk
      Below is a spreadsheet including proposed player positions (based on the prospectus) for everyone to review prior to the draft commencing.

      DT data has mostly been sourced from another site. Auto pick order is by career DT average excluding inactive players.

      CD info is from the 2018 and 2019 prospectuses. Some dobs are approximated.

      Accuracy is not guaranteed but hopefully any errors or omissions are few and minor.

      Cheers, TTH

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    2. Len
      I believe only the first 10 tags trigger, at least that's how it worked on the same platform at BF
    3. Len
      Finally got to start playing with this mate, that is a huge body of work, kudos
    4. walesy
      ok, just a quick update on where I am with this.

      I've got the players updated into TS, and have coded up the tsLeague pages and stats pages to run with different comps/leagues (men/women) at the same time.

      The stats page is pretty messy, but from testing so far, the tsLeague pages should just work as you'd hope.

      Gunna look to getting it pushed up to live tonight/tomorrow so that we can get the league set up proper in the system.

      Then I'll see what I can do about historical stats :)
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    5. TheTassieHawk
      On behalf of all of us much appreciated Chief !!
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    6. TheTassieHawk
      Unfortunately I forgot the most important sheet, where the 15 best Giants players are ranked in order so that the Belles can raid the cream of Blacktown's most talented in their attempt to out-GWS @Len's male ORFF* playing lists.

      Of course a filter and sort of the 2nd worksheet might be a handy fallback !
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    7. Len
      Got it covered, the Belles like orange :p
    8. stripey
      You lads all sorted for teams now?
    9. Len
      Still need one more coach mate
    10. stripey
      I know nothing (well very little) about it all but happy to oblige
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    11. Len
      Not many do at this early stage, and none of us Fantasy wise for real
      Your in :)

      Hit us with a team name
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    12. stripey
      How’s the Tenterfield Termites sound.... go the mighty ‘Mites!’
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    13. stripey
      Or if it’s to be affiliated with the Bullfrogs could go with the Bundalong Butterflies... a scary proposition for any future opponents I’m sure... ;)

      On reflection, Termites is going to have a better affiliation with our pesty nature...
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    14. TheTassieHawk
      It is great to see @stripey completing the ORFFW field.
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    15. Len
    16. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
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    17. Len
      Yup we sure are
      I believe TTH will populate the 2nd post in the draft thread as we are very largely running with his proposal for this year (note DONE)
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    18. anthak
      Now that we’re back from our expedition in time for the draft, and have had time to reflect on our findings, we’ve decided on a location and name:

      The Pomona Nymphs

      For anyone interested, it’s the Pomona in Qld (-26.3630000, 152.8560000).

      We’re named after the Roman goddess of fruit, Pomona the wood nymph.
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