2021/22 TS Fantasy NBA draft results

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By anthak on Oct 19, 2021 at 12:43 AM
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    All three leagues drafted last night and we're ready for the new season starting in a couple of days.

    Here is a table showing where all players were drafted in each league, ranked by their average draft position. If a player was undrafted, we gave them a value of 157.
    Green are the sliders.
    Gold are the reaches.
    Blue are the players selected consistent across all leagues.
    However, who knows how it will all play out! Some of those reaches and sliders could be smart in hindsight and some could look silly.

    The Division 1 league was the most out of whack, with the most overall reaches and sliders, by far!

    A total of 175 players were drafted at least once.
    We had a consensus top 2, with Nicola Jokic and Giannis Antentokounmpo picked at 1 and 2 respectively in all three leagues.
    Bobby Portis is the highest ranked player selected in just one league, picked at 111th in the Premier League.
    Jonathan Isaac is the highest ranked player who was undrafted in at least one league, he was undrafted in premier and somewhat surprisingly picked at 86 and 91 in the others.
    The biggest difference between highest pick and lowest pick (out of players drafted in all three leagues) was Josh Giddey, who was drafted at 75 in Div1 and at 134 in Div 2.
    Precious Achiuwa is the lowest ranked player, undrafted in two leagues and picked 153rd in Div1.
    LaMarcus Aldridge is the lowest ranked player who was undrafted in just one league, as he was drafted at 154th in both Premier and Div1.
    TJ Warren is the lowest ranked player who was drafted in all three leagues.

    Here are links to the three leagues on ESPN:
    Division 1
    Division 2

    I like the look of lots of teams, and its really difficult to separate them, but special shoutouts to the following three teams from each league:
    @Mick Webb , @Jmulldihno & @Rad_E_Cool in Premier
    @karlos , @Steve & @Esther from Div1
    @KAT4MVP , @The Royals & @Daniel Sprigg in Div2

    Cant wait to watch some games now!
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by anthak, Oct 19, 2021.

    1. tasho
      Zion at 14 and 19 is madness! 300 pounds on a broken foot with no timetable, I am shocked!

      And I’ve got a team of reaches, pretty much sums up my first premier league draft
    2. bgt2110
      He was auto picked in div 1 for an absent drafter on the night
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    3. anthak
      Yes I was shocked at that too. He was waay down on my draft list. But I was happy that it meant I was more likely to get Jimmy Butler at 19 which I was hoping for lol.

      Unfortunately we had one team on auto pick in Div1, and it seems they didn’t set up their draft list much….

      Did either of the other two drafts have anyone on auto pick?
    4. tasho
      Didn’t think about the auto draft which makes so much sense

      We had a full turnout which was good to see, makes it much more competitive for the season
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    5. anthak
      Nothing wrong with reaching if they work out ;) You gotta grab em before someone else does anyway
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    6. anthak
      Good to hear Premier had a full turnout. It usually does.
      Div 1 had one absent for the draft.
      And I hear that Div 2 had at least two absent, including Rodgo who looks like a non-starter.
    7. anthak
      @rodgo first started playing in our second season back in 2011 and has played every season since.
      That '11/'12 season, he actually took over a team half way through the season after an existing coach went AWOL.
      Rodgo hadn't committed for this season, but we were one short so we left him in the league as a placeholder.
      He had at times been late to commit in previous seasons, so we were holding out hope he'd turn up late again.
      We've had confirmation he didn't attend the draft, so it looks like he wont be around.

      If he happens to turn up at some stage through the season, he will be able to continue with the team.
      In the meantime I will tokenly make sure his lineup is set each day.
      I need to be in the league as the league manager anyway so I have moved myself over to rodgo's team.
      I wont be putting much thought into daily lineups and I wont be riding the waiver wire every day.
      That said, the team drafted two IR eligible players, so I have moved them to the IR and put a waiver claim on two free agents.
      I will continue to monitor injured players and perhaps replace them from time to time.

      This team will be ineligible for promotion, unless a new owner takes over the team at some stage of the season.
    8. Jacob Doole
      Jacob Doole
      I've got someone that would be happy to take over the team if you think Rodgo won't be coming back - would save you having to keep an eye on it all season!

      Appreciate your work on this analysis too, always cool to see how things panned out across the board.
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    9. anthak
      yes, that would be great, thanks
      Please ask them to post in here and also PM me their email address
    10. Josh Sparks
      Josh Sparks
      It's me!
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    11. anthak
      It's great that you can take the team.
      League invite has been sent.

      Good luck, and have fun
    12. anthak
      Just for the record, now that @Josh Sparks is taking over the team, I canceled the two waiver claims I had set up. One was Jae Sean Tate who ended up being picked up by someone else instead. The other is still available so I won’t mention his name.

      I was considering Jalen Suggs who got picked up too, as well as one other PG who is surprisingly still available so I won’t name him - its an absolute legend who was drafted in the top-100 in one of our other leagues. But this team already has heaps of guards, so had to overlook the guards and prioritise forwards.

      As it stands, still waiting for Josh to accept the invite and take over the team, so they still currently have two vacant roster spots.
    13. anthak
    14. crossy
      For those keen on some NBL Fantasy, here is a league I have just started - League code: KC2FMMWT
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    15. crossy
      League kicks off December 3rd :)
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    16. Steve
      I have never seen a start of a season like it where my team has been smashed from pillar to post with injuries. It is going to be long way back.
    17. anthak

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