GWFFPL Keeper League Rules (up for discussion)

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    This thread is for keeping track of the GWFFPL Keeper League Rules. Note that the rules cover a fair bit of stuff but as long as you understand how the Preseason Draft works and he stated limitations on rucks then the rest can be largely ignored for now.

    These rules are similar to but different to the ORFFW Keeper League rules, so please bear that in mind.

    - note this opening post (OP) can be tweaked if the majority assert that any of the proposals (such as not having trades) are severely stupid

    GWFFPL Keeper Squad Scoring
    • AFLW Fantasy/Draftstars scores will be used for the 2021 season
    • In future we are hopeful that Champion Data/SuperCoach scores will be available for all players and if/when this is the case the GWFFPL Keeper competition will switch scoring to CD scoring

    GWFFPL Keeper Squads
    • For the first 4 rounds of each season franchises will have a primary list of 21 players. Following the midseason draft between Rounds 4 and 5 franchises will have a primary list of 22 players through to the completion of the season.
    • Each week teams will named a squad of 18 players – D1, D2, D3, M1, M2, M3, M4, R1, F1, F2, F3, IC1, IC2 plus emergencies (D4,M5,R2,F4, IC3) on each line to cover late withdrawals form the starting 13 players.
    • IC including the IC3 emergency can be any position (ie D/M/R/F).
    • Out of position players are scored at 50%.

    2021 GWFFPL Positions
    • 2021 positions have been allocated by 2 2 person committee of @FreoDockers and @TheTassieHawk, based on 2020 stats, named 2020 team lineups and observation of matches by @FreoDockers
    • New players have had their 2021 positions allocated on review of online articles and club player profiles, with the exception of 2021 Irish Recruits which were largely guesses
    • New players have a much lower proportion of dpp’s with D/F, D/M, R/F and F/M allocation which is intentionally applied to veteran players in order to provide squad flexibility.
    • Please note that 2020 ORFFW Positions will match those indicated in the spreadsheet attached to the post below and will be correct for the Pre-season Draft (PSD) unless otherwise advised prior to the draft in the OP for the PSD thread.
      • This is intended to allow for participants to say "hey Player X, who is a new player for 2020 is actually a Forward and should be classisfied as such". Sorry, we got it wrong, so deal with it.

    2021 GWFFPL Keeper Preseason Draft (PSD)
    – to commence on Thursday 28th January 2021 (separate blog to be opened shortly)
    GWFFPL inaugural keeper draft | TooSerious

    • 21 players per team will be selected per banzai draft order – draft to be completed by no later than Thursday 4th February 2021 (if possible)
    • A maximum of 4 Ruck eligible players (including DPP) can be drafted per list.
    • Inactive Players who are confirmed to be out for the entire 2021 AFLW season as at the commencement of the ORFFW Keeper Draft are ineligible to be selected in any GWFFPL draft including the PSD - these players will be listed in the OP of the PSD Draft thread.
    2021 GWFFPL Supplementary Preseason Draft
    • Post naming of Round 2 AFLW teams (likely to be the evening of 4th February 2020) any drafted players not named for AFLW Round 2 can be replaced on any list by any Free Agent who is named for AFLW Round 2 – first in best dressed prior to the start of the start of the early Sunday match of Round 2.
    • Post Supplementary PSD the maximum of 4 Ruck eligible players (including dpp) per list remains in place.

    • If a player drafted to a club is later ruled out for the entire season then they can be DELISTED and replaced at any stage up to the first match of the next round, or any subsequent home and away round of the season, but not during a round.

    Midseason Draft – POST GWFFPL Round 4 (AFLW Round 5)
    • For 2021 and subsequent seasons GWFFPL Rounds 5 to the completion of the season squad size increases from 21 primary listed players per team to 22 – hence the MSD is compulsory.
    • A maximum of 3 players from the final 21 player primary GWFFPL list for Rounds 1 to 4 may also be delisted and teams who do delist one or more players will be able to select either 2 to 4 players as appropriate in the MSD.
    • The MSD will commence at 9pm on Monday 8th March 2021 provided that all results for GWFFPL Keeper Round 4 have been compiled and verified.
    • MSD Draft order is reverse GWFFPL ladder order after Round 4, however the draft will run as a snake draft meaning that Rounds 2 and 4 will be in the reverse order to Rounds 1 and 3.
    • Post MSD the maximum of 4 Ruck eligible players (including dpp) per list remains in place.
    Keeper rules and subsequent Pre-season Drafts (2021, 2022 etc)
    • Franchises may nominate a maximum of 14 players they wish to retain from their previous season’s list
    • A maximum of 3 Ruck only eligible players (excluding dpp) can be retained in the 14 players.
    • A maximum of 6 players aged under 21 years old as at 1 January 202X can be retained as keepers within the 14 keepers for any preseason draft
    • A minimum of 7 players will be drafted per side to fill 21 primary list spots.
    • There are 3 restrictions to the picking of 18 year old draftees in 2022 and subsequent preseason drafts (no restrictions apply in 2021)
    ** ( i) ** teams are restricted to 2 * 18 year old draft selections in a pre-season draft if they finished in 5th-8th place in the previous season
    ** (ii) ** teams are restricted to 1 * 18 year old draft selections in a pre-season draft if they finished in 1st-4th place in the previous season
    ** (iii) ** all 18 year olds selected must be selected in the first 5 rounds of the pre-season draft (ie picks 1-40)
    ** (iv) ** 18 year olds selected are not eligible to be selected in any supplementary draft, however they may be selected in any midseason draft without restriction

    • Draft order will be reverse ladder order (no snake) except for Compensation selections, awarded at the discretion of league organisers.
    • Compensation selections will be awarded if a team is uncompetitive in the previous season (level of compensation to be determined by the Commissioner).
    No Trading
    • NO TRADES will be involved in this competition, it is intended to be purely a draft and list retention or delisting based competition without the need for much admin during and between seasons other than setting PSD and MSD order and adjusting these for INACTIVE player activity and Supplementary Draft MSD impacts.
    • Note if a large majority wants trading prior to Round 1 each season and this draft rule is overturned it would need to be player for player and not involve draft picks or else the admin burden involved increases substantially.

    Other stuff
    - From 2022 and each year thereafter GWFFPL player positions for established players will be reviewed and advised by mid December allowing for delisting and drafting to occur in mid to late January.
    - Has anything been missed ?????
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