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By Steve on Oct 8, 2016 at 4:11 PM
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    The draft order has been set for the Premier League and Division One

    EDIT - the draft order for the 2 conferences has now been set as well

    The drafts will be held on Sunday night 16th of October at 10.00pm (AEST). The reason why I have decided to have nominate the 16th of October is that all unclaimed players can pass through waivers before the season commences. Plus it gives the opportunity for teams to trade players before the season if they wish to do so.

    If you are not available at the time of the draft, you can create a pre draft list where the system will automatically pick the next available player from the players remaining.

    I strongly encourage any new players to have a go at the mock draft on the ESPN fantasy basketball site before Sunday. Select the next available snake draft and this will give you a fell as to how the system works. Remember you only have 60 seconds to make your pick in our draft.

    Over the next week we will send out the invites to join the league that you are in. Once this occurs, please accept the invitation ASAP.

    Remember you can also trade draft picks as well before the draft.

    We use a snake draft whereby the order is reversed each round (e.g the person who has pick 1 in the first round, will have the last pick in the 2nd round, e.g pick 24)

    Here are the draft orders:

    Premier League

    1 ddsaints
    2 yumcha
    3 karlos
    4 daBombers
    5 stowie
    6 rev
    7 steve
    8 rodgo
    9 heaver
    10 mick
    11 bgt2110
    12 anthak

    Division One

    1 costak
    2 don_cottagers
    3 g train
    4 jasmine
    5 chris white
    6 610
    7 walesy
    8 doolz
    9 L6
    10 crossy
    11 tasho
    12 lethal

    Conference One

    1 Ball Dont Lie
    2 Maggots
    3 Belmont383
    4 Port_Leschenault
    5 Jai Thomas
    6 Outkast_au
    7 Bearfly
    8 nicksnow
    9 Heatlicious
    10 Viq BoZ
    11 Rad E Cool
    12 tyze_1

    Conference Two

    1 That KI Guy
    2 Lano 24
    3 Smokinjoemisiti
    4 Jamie
    5 Peaches
    6 Auron
    7 Jmulldinho
    8 Danners
    9 Emes
    10 Macca118
    11 Len
    12 Headmandude
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Steve, Oct 8, 2016.

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    1. tyze1
      Coaches, I'm in.
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    2. stowie
      Just don't pick who I want at 5 and all will be OK.
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    3. Jai Thomas
      Jai Thomas
      quality...looking forward to it!
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    4. Belmont383
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    5. anthak
    6. ddsaints
      Thanks for setting this up guys.

      Excited to have pick 1.....stressed about who to select...hahaha good problem to have I suppose
    7. Jmulldihno
      are we any clearer on the status of the keeper league? Would be good to get it going again, not least because my keepers are awesome.. and cheap!
    8. anthak
      I think it was Trav who was organising that league yeah? He is not playing this year. We never heard from him. I tried sending him an email as well as messages through ESPN site, but never heard back.
      Im not sure what happened.
      Was there only the one league manager?
    9. anthak
      i reckon pick 1 is the only pick i would be confident of who i would pick. There is one clear standout imo. but ya never know i guess.
    10. ddsaints
      Would be a shame to lose the keeper league. I'm keen as.
      Trav was the only LM so we could be in trouble.....
    11. anthak
    12. dabombers
      As long as you dont do the same for my pick 21!!
    13. dabombers
      Can someone ask him to transfer it or add another email??
    14. anthak
      Ill see if i can track him down
    15. stowie
    16. anthak
      Trav has just gotten back to me to say he'll set it up :)
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    17. crossy
      yeah i emailed him last night and he wrote back saying he will do it :)
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    18. Steve
      Ok peeps, I have just emailed everyone with a reminder that the drafts for all leagues are going to be held this Sunday 16th of October at 10.00pm (AEST).

      As I mentioned in the main part of this thread, I strongly encourage the new players to have a go at the mock draft beforehand.

      If you have any questions on how it works, post them here.
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    19. Trav00
      Well. Way behind the ball this year. Sorry for the keeper league but its up and running now! Im sorry for that i know it will now be a rush but we should be right.
      Massive annoyance that im not in the tooserious leagues, been in it since it started.
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    20. stowie
      Pumped, just made sure I had Embiiiiiiiiid selected as a keeper #TRUSTTHEPROCESS

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