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By Steve on Oct 7, 2017 at 8:09 PM
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    All of the drafts will be held on Sunday 15th of October at 9.30pm (AEST).

    If you are not available for the draft, you can set up a pre draft order in the ESPN website whereby the system will select the next available player in the draft when it is your turn.

    There will be 60 seconds between picks.

    For new players, it is recommended that you try a mock draft before the draft day so that you understand how the systems works.

    If you have any questions, post a comment and we will reply to it.

    Onto the all important draft order.

    Premier League

    1 Karlos
    2 G Train
    3 Anthak
    4 Rodgo
    5 bgt2110
    6 Heaver
    7 Walesy
    8 Steve
    9 Rev
    10 Yumcha
    11 Stowie
    12 Costak

    Division One

    1 Auron
    2 ddsaints
    3 peaches
    4 belmont 383
    5 dabombers
    6 lethal
    7 don cottagers
    8 headmandude
    9 doolz
    10 mick
    11 rad e cool
    12 Liquid Sixx

    Conference One

    1 bearfly
    2 outkast_au
    3 viqboz
    4 hargybear
    5 tyze1
    6 jasmine
    7 nicksnow
    8 chris white
    9 TheRoyals
    10 port_leschenault
    11 maggots

    Conference Two

    1 len
    2 smokinjoemisiti
    3 trav00
    4 jmulldihno
    5 macca118
    6 tasho
    7 danners
    8 lano
    9 emes
    10 crossy
    11 sparks
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Steve, Oct 7, 2017.

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    1. Steve
      @anthak , can you please send me a list of the Too Serious User names and their respective team names, so that I can set up the draft order in each league.

      Also, can you send me an invite to join the other 3 leagues (Div One, Conf One and Conf Two), so that I have league manager rights in those leagues.

      If we get some additional players for Conference One and Conference Two before draft day, they will take the next available spot in the draft order for that league.
    2. anthak
      for reference:

    3. anthak
      Hey mate, Good work with this. I have just set you up as LM for the other 3 leages (you should already be in all 4 leagues, I hadnt removed you from any)

      I'll set the draft order, it will be quicker than sending you the user names and corresponding team names. But I will get around to doing that too, like last season, so that everyone knows who is who.
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    4. crossy
      hi guys, sorry for the bad timing, ive got a mate who is keen to play in conference 2, is it too late to join? he said he will take pick 12 in draft
    5. MACCA2509
      I'm the mate. Would appreciate it if i could join.

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    6. anthak
      yep, thats great!
      send me your email address and I'll invite you.
      I'll send you a PM now
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    7. anthak
      Ive set up the draft order in all 4 leagues.
      Can go ahead and trade draft picks now if anyone wants.

      All invites have been sent.
      We're still looking for one more player for Div 2 Con 1.

      Also, some people still havent joined their league yet:
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    8. crossy
      cheers ant and steve, hey do we know what the relegation promotion system is? I can only go up from here haha
    9. anthak
      I was thinking we're gonna have to go with the same as last season. It's getting to be a bit too late to discuss and make changes now I think.

      If anyone feels strongly that something should change, please speak up.
    10. anthak
      @Steve the drafts are set to 7am NY time on Sunday Oct 15th.
      This will be 10pm AEDT (Melb/Syd time)
      Or 9pm AEST (Bris time)

      Is that how you intended it to be set up?
    11. Steve
      Thanks for picking that up Ant.

      I will change it back to 6.30am NY time for each league.
    12. Bearfly
    13. anthak
      Yes definitely
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    14. Bearfly
      Cheers mate :D
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    15. anthak
      That will be 8.30pm AEST. I'd rather 9.30pm AEST as you originally advised... so that would be 7.30am NY time
    16. Steve
      Yes you are correct. I will change all of the leagues to 7.30am NY time.
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    17. stowie
      United hanging with OKC through 3 qtrs, they seem to match up well and are keeping OKC from getting into a rhythm.
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    18. anthak
      Close right to the end! They showed great hustle to stay in it
    19. anthak
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