NBA finals week two

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Steve, Mar 8, 2017.

By Steve on Mar 8, 2017 at 7:22 PM
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    The grand finals are now upon us.

    Here are the results from the prelim finals:

    Premier League

    Hersey Hawkins Athletic Club 1660 d Freak It Up 1540
    Team Stowie 1819 d TS Heaver 1789

    Consolation finals

    King of Karlos 1367 d ElDoraldo Elbonz 1222
    Wade Machine 1303 d Anthak 1219
    Nahla vs Little Dee 1598 d Three Point Buzzer Beaters 1418
    Westside Hardcore 1557 d Paky Ballers 1254

    Division One

    CK Nicks 1768 d Mr Pegasoreass 1529
    G Train 1663 d Oh Sixteen 1592

    Consolation finals

    .Blatche 1457 d Golden State Blew a 3-1 Lead 1424
    Crossy Crusaders 1492 d Jasmine's Mob 1297
    Don Cottagers 1908 d Kevin Walker 1538
    .tasho 1403 d .610 1210

    Division Two - Conference One

    High on Potential Stars 1746 d .Belmont383 1643
    Adelaide Maggots 1630 d SF Bulls 1620

    Consolation Finals

    PistNBroke 1799 d Launceston Seagulls 1713
    The Royals 1454 d Broady Broncos 1207
    San Diego Anchormen 1332 d KAThmandu Wolves 1181
    JT's Bricks 923 d Waltham City We Made U Romy 920

    Division Two - Conference Two

    Wafty Boxes 1763 d The Delly of the Beast 1654
    Hoop Hunters 1647 d Hotham Huskies 1466

    Consolation finals

    3-1 Lead 1188 d Drunken Master 1044
    Dann's Stars 1443 d Useless Hacks 1332
    Smokin Joe Misiti 1505 d Marble Bar Boozers 1431
    Run T Mull C 1254 d Larry Byrd Gang 673
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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Steve, Mar 8, 2017.

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    1. Steve
      Congrats to Dirk for breaking the 30,000 pt barrier

      One of my favourite players

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    2. crossy
      Cheers for sharing that Steve. Awesome to watch and he's been a champion player for so long :)
    3. Rad_E_Cool
      I wonder how many GFs are going to be affected by the cancelled Portland vs Minnesota game? I had Lillard and Harkless, but my opponent had Rubio and Dieng, so it wasn't a massively one-sided setback.

      Having said that, I may have dropped Harkless if he only was going to have a 4 game and not 5 game Final week.
    4. HEAVER
      Lord Elfrid the difference maker in this week's matchup! Another Trip-Dub!
    5. anthak
    6. anthak
      @headmandude will be upset about that
    7. headmandude
      Put it like this, remember how Detroit talk when they are queried about drafting Darko over Melo. Kind of like that but worse. He's certainly making up for the Durant injury. I don't think I've made too many blunders this season but that is definitely the lowlight. Payton is now on my list of hated players. DeRozan with his effort today is killing one of my multis so he's also working his way on to my list.
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    8. Rad_E_Cool
      Jokic's flu is on my list of most hated!!
    9. dabombers
      300pts down. Looks like im cooked!!
      Div 1 here I come
    10. Rev
      Congrats to stowie on winning premier. With the scores he has put up this week I never stood a chance!
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    11. anthak
      Well done to the 4 champs!


      And everything else has been settled:
      Relegated: @Mick @ddsaints @dabombers

      Div 1:
      Promoted: @costak @walesy @G-Train
      Relegated: @610 @Jasmine @tasho @crossy @Chris White

      Div 2:
      Promoted: @Belmont383 @Auron @headmandude @Rad_E_Cool @Peaches

      Congrats to those promoted and commiserations to those relegated

      * A reminder to all that TS names for coaches of teams are listed here:

      * promotion and relegation rules are listed here:
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    12. stowie
      Cheers, my team were something else this week with no letdowns at all!

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    13. Rad_E_Cool
      I'm stoked that my team pulled off the win in a tight contest between the 5th and 6th ranked(!) teams and in subsequently getting promoted.

      I really tried to go for it by picking and sticking with high-potential players I thought would improve this season as well as looking for waiver pick-ups that would turn it on as the season progressed passed the trade deadline. Some worked out brilliantly (Greek Freak, Jokic and Covington eventually) and some didn't (Aaron Gordon, Buddy Hield, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Kanter, Sullinger), and I lucked into picking up Chris Paul off waivers ahead of his return from injury.

      I didn't have the best team and a lot of the regular season wins were due to me using the waiver wire to max out my games played (I made 91 moves out of 95 possible), so I was 4th in Points For but I had picked players with the Finals in mind and led my matchups in Games Played each round (51, 50, 49).

      Hopefully I get a higher draft pick next season and don't have to grind so much!!
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    14. Steve
      I see Rodgo got the win to avoid the relegation.

      It is definitely something we need to review as I don't feel it is right for someone to be missing for chunks of the season and then suddenly turn up at finals time and win 3 games when a lot of teams in the consolation finals have lost interest. No offence to Rodgo but it does not sit right with me.
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    15. anthak
      I personally dont see much of a problem with it. Good luck to him. He had a good enough team to do it.

      Also, i dont think its fair to say his opponents had lost interest, because 2 of his 3 opponents had just as much to play for as he did, but ultimately got outplayed. The other opponent, although the game wasnt live for him in terms of relegation, still clearly tried, using all 5 acquisitions and finishing with more games played than rodgo.
    16. anthak
      I should've been clearer about rodgo's opponents. All 3 of them clearly tried, with all 3 using all 5 acquisitions etc.
      Rodgo had less games played than his opponent in all 3 of his finals match ups.

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