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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Mar 21, 2016.

By walesy on Mar 21, 2016 at 10:08 AM
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    Season is just about to kick off, and we're all obviously obviously that there has been some serious changes to the site.

    First things first, shout out to Jo who has been very understanding with the time that I've sunk into this thing. :D

    Next up, features- and I'm kinda thinking that this post might become a manual of sorts, so I'll reserve a bunch of posts at the start and edit them as I go.
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Discussion in 'Blog' started by walesy, Mar 21, 2016.

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      Stats Pages


      Ah, the Stats pages. The grand daddy which started this whole adventure up.

      Filters across the top allow you to filter the results based on the fantasy comp that you're after, as well as teams, position, your own individual SC teams and various other suprises from around the site.

      The stats are broken up into the following sections:

      Encompassing the basic stats you'll need on a week-to-week basis. Price, Points, Breakevens and projected price changes are the domain of Fantasy

      Adv. Fantasy
      This includes the more advanced stats that didn't really fit on the page before, including 3 game averages, ceilings, floors, and player age.

      Basic Stats
      Kicks, Handballs, basic. You know the drill.

      Adv. Stats
      Contested stuff, efficiency, Time-On-Ground and other assorted stats that become relevant in Supercoach.

      Injuries are pulled into the system on a semi-regular basis, so when combined with the MyTeams stuff, will let you see who, in which teams, are injured at a glance.

      Also looking to get the dots back into the system as teams are named- though that's likely a round 2/3 thing. We'll see. I miss the dots.

      Donors have the ability to export their results out to CSV, for those who like to take their research offline.
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    2. walesy
      Player Calcs


      It's a graphical representation of what's going to happen this year. Type in the scores and watch as the salary projection unfolds in front of your eyes.

      You can also click the "Ave", "3 Round" and "A/A team" headers to dump those figure in automatically.

      Personally, I like the A/A Team button for an idea on how the season will unfold.
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    3. walesy


      Ah, the ticker. Where statistics and the technicolor raincoat come together- then throw up in a display that is both overwhelming, obfuscated and powerful.

      Which teams leak more points to Rucks? Well, that depends on the time-scale you want to look at.

      Over the last 3 weeks (Short) in the above graph, it was the Dogs- while Port, Sydney and Collingwood have kept theirs to well below the league average.

      Also doubles as a handy Captain and DFS selection tool.
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    4. walesy
      My Teams

      This one will be a big one- My Teams- how you bring your teams into TS.

      First you want to create your team:


      Get your login details saved into the system


      And your entire team will be pulled into TS.


      This can be viewed in the Stats page,


      Which, when combined with the injuries/dots, makes it a breeze to deal with your various fantasy teams.

      There's also the Bye Planner hidden down the bottom, which allows you to plan around the byes.


      (PS: don't copy my team)

      Finally, there's watchlists.

      These are pretty much as advertised- make a watch list, add players to your watch list- filter your watchlist on the stats page.

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    5. walesy
      Trade Plans

      You might have noticed this button on the MyTeams page?

      That will bring you to the trade planner.

      Assuming you've uploaded your team already, most of it will come pre-populated, otherwise you can enter in your remaining cash and trades manually.


      Once you've done that, create a trade plan to begin.

      The system will allow you to plan out your season (Or just the next few weeks) as you go along,

      Popping up with projected salaries- which you can amend with your own projections, as well as offering helpful advice on the state of your cows/premo's who are falling


      Will be looking at projecting falling premiums also, but that's one the last.


      The recalculate button will override your tweaks, bringing salaries back in line with what's happened, so if you project something that has no chance of happen- this button will pull your plan back into line, then show you the shortfalls of it!

      This tool is brand new to TS this year, so I'm expecting bugs- but I think it offers a lot in helping you plan out your upgrades.

      Will also be interesting to see how you traded, in comparison to how you planned to trade- and the compromises that you ended up needing to make to get there.
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    6. walesy
      My League

      This one is a super secret project. Will go into beta in the first few weeks of the season.
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    7. walesy
      Draft Planner

      As usual, start by creating a plan.
      Ignore that it says team- that's a typo. :D

      Start off by entering the details of your league- the number of each position, total bench and total teams


      Once that's completed, you'll be able to tweak the averages of each position. The more accurately your projections are, the more accurate the final plan will be.

      You can adjust averages, categories your players into Highly desired, normal, a bit of a worry and No thank you- which will filter them out of your final plan.

      Don't forget to save!

      Hit the Go button to generate your plan!

      Donors have the ability to export their results to a CSV file.


      Track along with your draft, making off who has been taken so that you know, at a glance, who the best person to take will be for your league! And trust in your averages, they know.

      (Also, note that Ablett is missing- cause we filtered him out on the last page!).
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    8. walesy
      Mock Drafting

      This one is in the pipes for next season.

      Very much looking forward to this one.
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    9. walesy

      Home of the world famous Outer Regional Fantasy Football!

      Our own local keeper leagues, each with their own degrees of awesomeness, rules and stupid amounts of time put in.

      If you're looking to get involved, we tend to put out feelers to create a new league each year, so keep an eye on the blog!
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    10. walesy

      Yeah, that's right- I'm looking at you, Moochy Mc Moochface.

      Nah, I'm kidding- you're alright. Particularly if you join in with the conversations!

      This place is built for the community, and wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun without you all getting involved.

      However, if you do feel the need to chip in, click the donate button.

      You can almost bottle the levels of awesome you'll exude afterwards.

      Alternatively, signup to the mailing list!

      It's literally the easiest thing to do to support the site. We only spam you a little bit- and every time you get some, you can think to yourself, "Yeah, helping TS". :D
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      Yeah, this is a bit of a mess- might need to make the titles bigger or something. :D

      Also, check out the Trade Planner,

      Oh, and the Bye stuff. I got that released last night! Just in time! :D
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    18. anthak
      maybe a donor feature ?
    19. walesy
      Initially I reckon it will be. Least while it's in testing.

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