2016 ORFFF Grand Final (Round 22)

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    The two home sides notched up preliminary final wins and will clash in the first ever ORFFF Grand Final at Drouin

    @stowie, @That KI Guy

    Finals Results so far
    QF1 - Drouin Dropbears 1234 defeated Chinchilla Chumps 1205
    QF2 - Neptune Island Noahs 1263 defeated Black Swamp 29ers 1081
    EF1 - Cockburn Avengers 1406 defeated Mole Creek Glow-Worms 1127
    EF2 - Jan Juc Ducks 1185 defeated by Useless Loop Virgins 1391

    SF1- Chinchilla Chumps 1168 defeated Cockburn Avengers 1162
    SF2 - Black Swamp 29ers 1255 defeated by Useless Loop Virgins 1452

    PF1 - Drouin Dropbears 1418 defeated Useless Loop Virgins 1277
    PF2 - Neptune Island Noahs 1411 defeated Chinchilla Chumps 1355


    Week 4 ORFFF Finals Fixture (AFL Round 22) - as always first named is the home side

    Grand Final – Drouin Dropbears (1st, 14-1) vs Neptune Island Noahs (2nd 13-2)
    Since Round 6 these 2 sides have sat at #1 and #2 on the ladder in either order and their preliminary final wins were Drouin’s 5th score over 1400 for the season and Neptune Island’s 4th score over 1400. Their weekly averages are 1366 and 1308 respectively.

    Last time they played (2016, ORFFF Round 9) – Neptune Island Noahs 1356 defeated Drouin Dropbears 1333 (23 points)

    Round 9 Brownlow votes and other tons
    Neptune Island: Ross 152 (5 votes), Bugg 124 (2votes), Prestia 104, Howe 104, Rich 102
    Drouin: Steven 148 (4 votes), Docherty 135 (3 votes), Walker 119 (1 vote), Duncan 116

    When the 2 teams last met the Noahs took the win in a nailbiter to make it 9 wins out of 9 and send the Dropbears to 2nd at 8-1. Many would have seen the game as a likely Grand Final preview and that is exactly how the inaugural season has panned out.

    The Dropbears have since won 8 straight and while the Noahs dropped 2 matches in the run home they have been commanding in the finals and a 15-2 record to date would be the envy of 14 other teams. The home side (9-0 at home) will start deserving favourites however the Noahs (6-1 away, with their only loss to Cockburn) will back their chances in a tight match, having shown their ability to win the close ones with 8 victories under 100 points including the Round 9 matchup. In comparison the Dropbears have half as many wins by 99 points or less, including wins by 29 points in the Qualifying Final along with 60, 90 and 93 points in other matches reflecting their complete dominance of all opponents.

    5 players to watch - Drouin

    1 - Jack Steven – 1 of 3 all ORFFF players in the Dropbears lineup, 7th in ORFFF Brownlow (28 votes), particularly damaging since AFL Round 9, 10 tons and 104 average with the ability to go large demonstrated with 4 votes last time the 2 sides played. With his past history as an all or nothing high ceiling player the 26 year old Steven plays against the tiges in the AFL this week which wil pose another onball threat for Neptune Island to counter.

    2 - Mummy – no one has ever doubted the big mans ability or appetite for the contest (or sausages), the Dropbears conditioning staff have been supremely influential in keeping the 30 year old veteran big man fit and firing (except for a few AFL games missed through the ORFFF midseason break). He has 11 tons and an average of 99 for the season and an AFL matchup with Freo looking like providing plenty of points with the Sandilands out injured and a depleted Dockers midfield providing plenty of potential for a decent score.

    3 - Pittard – another star defender the 25 year old has started well in past seasons but has kept his form throughout 2016 after surprisingly being overlooked by the 3 Port Adelaide supporting team owners. Averaging 93 with 6 tons, “Ja-Pi” plays the Crows this week in Showdown LV1 which may mean a more accountable role.

    4 - Docherty – a young star, the 22 year old All ORFFF defender polled 17 Brownlow votes despite Dangerfield stealing the 5 most weeks. He has tonned up 14 times with a staggering average of 109 which makes him the highest averaging defender in the comp, and he torched the Noahs with a score of 130 plus last time they faced off. A matchup with the improving Demons in the AFL is a challenge the first component of the “Killer D-s” will need to overcome if he is to influence the result.

    5 - Dangerfield – 16 tons including a top score of a lazy 229, All ORFFF skipper and ORFFF Brownlow Medallist (47 votes), he has an almost GAJ-esque domination in SC averages this year (131). He had a quiet (sub 90) game last time against the Noahs however the big players live for the big moments and with the great man playing against the Lions in the AFL the ORFFF Grand Final appears set for an epic performance from the 26 year old #1 ORFFF draft pick who is at the peak of his powers.

    5 players to watch – Neptune Island

    1 - NRoo – the Noah’s 33 year old veteran is relishing a Wing/Half Forward role and is a proving to be a calm head in the lead up to the big match, which is important considering the Noah’s young lineup. With 11 tons and an average of 97 the all time great would be looking to play massive part in the match with the clock ticking on his career his legacy is likely to be defined by his ability to pull out a memorable Grand Final, with his AFL matchup with Richmond looking much to @That KI Guy’s liking.

    2 - Seb Ross – COJ (Cousin of Jobe) has always shown potential but sharking the taps from the Bearded One has enabled him to play a low profile but key role in the Noahs midfield, with Sloane gathering most of the external attention. The 23 year old has 5 tons for the year and an average of 93 but these numbers fail to show an uncanny ability to post huge scores such as his 5 vote 152 point effort the last time the 2 sides met, and as with NRoo the match against Richmond this week presents an opportunity to provide a near repeat effort on the greatest stage of all.

    3 - Sloane – after a very poor prelim final the 26 year old is looking to lead the Noahs midfield by taking down his best mate in Danger in a critical man on man matchup at the centre bounces. With 12 tons and a 109 season average the equal-17th placed player in the ORFFF Brownlow must step up with a clutch performance in the Showdown if his team is to cause an upset.

    4 - Gawn – the Noahs first pick in the ORFFF draft was a gutsy selection but the 24 year old has dominated in 2016 with All ORFFF Ruck honours accompanied by 2nd place in the Brownlow (37 votes). He has managed 14 tons with an average of 122 this season. When the Beard is in Beast mode the Noahs are very hard to beat and an AFL matchup with Kreuzer and the Blues sees Big Maxy in with a chance to put the Noahs in the drivers seat.

    5 - JJ from Jo-burg – the Noahs 23 year old dashing defender is excitement personified. He has returned very well from a serious midseason injury which kept him out of the 2 sides previous clash and given Drouin’s star midfield is expected to be given plenty of opportunities to rebound the ball out of the Noah’s defensive 50. His 4 tons from 11 games and 92 average underlie his ability to score well and with the likely freedom to roam against the Bombers in the AFL this week and if the Noahs are still in the contest by the time he takes to the field he could potentially be the SA side’s matchwinner in the last game of the weekend.

    Finals team entry/Matchday reporting etc is at

    Previous Round threads are below

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Pick the winner and margin for the ORFFF Grand Final

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  1. Dropbears by 50 plus

  2. Dropbears by 1-49

  3. Noahs by 1-49

  4. Noahs by 50 plus

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Discussion in 'ORFFF' started by TheTassieHawk, Aug 18, 2016.

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    1. Len
      Picking the Noahs by an ants nose, last weeks Brownlow's were such a surprise for them that umpires could be clearly heard through sports to say "Bugg, wtf is that guy?"
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    2. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Quality work @TheTassieHawk
      Loved your stats, analysis and previews/reviews all season.

      Noahs definite underdogs here but as you allude, the Bearded Barista can make or break us.

      Noahs GF line up

      In - Bell, Hamling
      Out - Hill, Leuy

      Def - Haynes, JJ, Bugg, Rich (Hamling)
      Mid - Sloane, Tyson, Kelly, Bastinac (Smith)
      Ruck - Beard
      Fwd - NRoo, Lyons, Howe, Weller (Bell)
      I/C - Ross, Zaha (Hartung)

      Go your hardest @stowie
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    3. stowie
      Here we go! Best of luck to @That KI Guy

      D: Docherty, Pittard, Savage, Rosa (Atley)
      M: Dangerfield, Steven, Shuey, Scully (Cunningham)
      R: Mumford
      F: Wright, Walker, Walters, Lobb (Lloyd)
      I: Duncan, Mackay (Sheppard)
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    4. YAD69
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    5. TheTassieHawk
      following the gws vs dockers match (akin to midway through the 2nd quarter) i have the Grand Final progress scores as:-

      Drouin 7/548 leading the visitors 5/466 with 4 Dropbears in play tonight to 3 for the Noahs
    6. TheTassieHawk
      at the completion of the Saturday night matches Drouin has extended their lead to 11/851 versus 8/793 for the visitors

      the Dropbears need massive performances from their remaining players (Docherty, M Wright, Dangerfield and Duncan) while the Noahs have Bugg, Tyson and the Beard to play in the early game followed by Rich, Bastinac, JJ and Zaharakis to come later on

      there is plenty of fantasy footy left to play but midway through the 3rd quarter the visitors appear to be the likely winners of this years title
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    7. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Holy Cracked Koalas Batman!


      I have no words.
      Still sinking in....
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    8. James84
      Well done to the champs! Great season from all involved, enjoy your Mad Monday!
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    9. Len
      Grats buddy :)
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    10. choppers
      Congrats to The Noahs for the win and a "well done" to The Dropbears for being worthy opponents in the GF......
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    11. port_leschenault
      Congrats TKG. Commiserations, Stowie.
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    12. stowie
      Congrats @That KI Guy!

      Great first season to all, especially those filling important roles and keeping the ORFFF ticking over.
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    13. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Thanks mate.
      Tough week for your mob.
      Well down on expectations.
      Drop Bears very worthy contenders.
    14. anthak
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    15. YAD69
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