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    With only 16 teams, TooSerious's newest ORFF league - the ORFFF - is heading into the first week of their first finals series this week, and with 4 weeks available, will be working with the same finals system as the AFL.

    @tyze1 and his Rutherglen Fugitives will be rueing several early season close losses to teams that finished much lower than him, as they have just missed the 8, finishing in 9th spot and earning the chance to host the ORFFF Representative match during the week after the grand final (AFL Round 23).

    On the other side of the ledger is @ViQBoZ and his Mole Creek Glow-worms who have snuck into the 8, despite having the 2nd worst total points scored in the league!

    Well done to all 8 teams who have made the finals.

    Read on for a look at the upcoming matches:

    Firstly, I would like to thank @TheTassieHawk for helping me with this by searching for "the last time they met" stats and recent form etc and compiling them for me. good work mate, helped a lot and made for a better article.

    Week 1 ORFFF Finals Fixture (AFL Round 19) - as always first named is the home side

    Drouin Dropbears (1st, 14-1, 1371 ppg regular season average) vs Chinchilla Chumps (4th, 10-5, 1286)
    --- Recent form (last 5) - Drouin – WWWWW (5-0, average 1393ppg), Chinchilla – LLWWL (2-3, average 1212ppg)

    Last time they played (2016, Round 7) – Drouin 1333 defeated Chinchilla 1243 (90 points)


    Round 7 Brownlow votes and other tons

    Drouin : Dangerfield 129 (4 votes), Docherty 120 (2 votes), Pittard 110, Mumford 108, Scully 106
    Chinchilla : Montagna 130 (5 votes), JPK 125 (3 votes), Zorko 111 (1 vote), NicNat 101, Caddy 100

    Drouin have been close to unstoppable all season, but with Mummy under an injury clowd, will @stowie give him a week off with the security of a well-earned second chance up his sleeve. This could be Chinchilla's chance to cause an upset, but I am clutching at straws really. With their own problems in the ruck with Andrew Phillips filling in for NicNat, I'm not sure @choppers Chumps will have enough firepower to halt the rampaging Dropbears on their home turf.

    Neptune Island Noahs (2nd, 13-2, 1304) vs Black Swamp 29ers (3rd, 10-5, 1306)
    --- Recent form (last 5) - Neptune Island – LWLWW (3-2, average 1311ppg), Black Swamp – WWWWL (4-1, average 1396ppg)

    Last time they played (2016, Round 10) – Neptune Island 1431 defeated Black Swamp 1358 (73 points)


    Round 10 Brownlow votes and other tons

    Neptune Island : Gawn 167 (5 votes), Josh Kelly 132 (4 votes), Howe 125 (3 votes), Zaharakis 122 (1 vote), Haynes 101
    Black Swamp : Westhoff 125 (2 votes), Cotchin 122 ( 1vote), McVeigh 116, Bartel 109, Grigg 106

    The other game with both teams enjoying the 2nd chance option if they lose is more difficult to split. Gawn has had a stellar season, finishing 2nd in the ORFFF Brownlow this season and he was the difference the last time these teams met, smashing Sinclair in the ruck; however a number of @TheTassieHawk s Black Swamp mids were down on form, with Selwood, Bontempelli and Viney combining for just 225, too. Very little separates these two teams across the season with them averaging just 2 points different per game, and maybe the home ground advantage will see @That KI Guy and his Noahs over the line.

    Cockburn Avengers (5th, 9-6, 1315) vs Mole Creek Glow-Worms (8th, 8-7, 1163)
    --- Recent form (last 5) - Cockburn – WWWWL (4-1, average 1282ppg), Mole Creek – LLWLW (2-3, average 1185ppg)

    Last time they played (2016, also in Round 10) – Cockburn 1120 defeated by Mole Creek 1142 (22 points)


    Round 10 Brownlow votes and other tons

    Cockburn : Curnow 128 (4 votes), Betts 107 (2 votes), Treloar 103, Hunter 102
    Mole Creek : GAJ 143 (5 votes), B Smith 108 (3 votes), J Cripps 105 (1 vote)

    The mismatch of the finals. @Len s Avengers are hard to pick - when they come out firing, they could match any other ORFFF team, demonstrated by them holding 2 of the top 7 scores ever scored in the ORFFF, whereas they have sometimes swung the other way too, such as last week when they scored >1200. @ViQBoZ s Glowworms on the other hand have been consistently poor, but always seeming to find the will to win, which is most important afterall. They even did it last time these teams met, defeating Cockburn by 22 pts in a low scoring affair. Can they do it again? Away from home in a cut throat final? I reckon Cockburn will turn it on and a big win this week could kickstart a successful finals campaign.

    Jan Juc Ducks (6th, 8-7, 1294) vs Useless Loop Virgins (7th, 8-7, 1247)
    --- Recent form (last 5) - Jan Juc – WLWLW (3-2, average 1280ppg), Useless Loop – WWLLW (3-2, average 1233ppg)

    Last time they played (2016, way back in Round 2) – Useless Loop 1259 defeated by Jan Juc 1396 (143 points)


    Round 2 Brownlow votes and other tons

    Useless Loop : R Gray 129 (4 votes), Stevie J 118 (1 vote), Isaac Smith 115, Sandy 108
    Jan Juc : Waite 174 (5 votes), Houli 127 (3 votes), Hanners 121 (2 votes), Vince 115, Grundy 109

    Useless Loop have overcome the turmoil of losing their coach half way through the season with @YAD69 recently taking over and steering them to a fine round 15 victory to clinch a finals berth. Last time these teams met was way back in round 2, and Jarrod Waite scored a whopping 174 for @thokash to lead Jan Juc to a solid win over who was then the top-of-the-table Virgins. The Virgins could get on top at Duck Park this time, as Jan Juc are due for a loss after alternating results over the last 7 games!

    All in all, 4 cracking games to kick us off for our inaugural ORFFF finals series! I'm really looking forward to seeing how this all pans out.

    For the remaining 8 teams who didnt make it, bad luck. I hope you all enjoyed the first season of the ORFFF. Now we all have the upcoming draft and trade period to look forward to.
    And @tyze1 can prepare the grounds for the representative match in a months' time.

    Good luck to everyone.

    Finals team entry/Matchday reporting etc is at

    Previous Round threads are below
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Discussion in 'ORFFF' started by anthak, Jul 27, 2016.

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    1. anthak
      oops, I posted early.... i'll add the rest of the article now!
    2. anthak
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    3. Len
      Great stuff @anthak , plenty of 50/50 contests this week and the Avengers are definitely in one of them, having lost to the Moles once already we know they have secret nobble powers that our defensive technology doesn't detect.
      We plan to spike their oranges and wee in their gatorade, if they win after that they deserve it a lot more than we do!
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    4. choppers
      Chinchilla's team to play Drouin.
      DEF: Wood Mackie Tuohy Grundy (Impey)
      MID: Picken Steven Armitage J.P.K. (Kerridge)
      RUC: Phillips
      FWD: Dickson Zorko Montagna Sexton (Harmes)
      I/C: Griffen Collins (McKenzie)

      OUT: Kerridge Harmes
      IN: Griffen Collins
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    5. thokash
      The Ducks fly together as
      DEF: Houli (finally!), Enright, Taylor, Lever (Marsh)
      MID: Hannebery, Hanley, Jones, Vince (Hewett)
      RUC: Grundy
      FWD: Robinson, Waite, Hawkins, Cameron (Le Cras)
      INT: Crisp, Douglas (Stringer)
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    6. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      great stuff Ant and big shout out to @TheTassieHawk for his stats and analysis throughout the season.

      Noahs fronting up to beat up on the 29ers.

      Def - RIch, JJ, Haynes, Howe (Bugg)
      Mid - Sloane, Kelly, Tyson, Bastinac (Smith)
      Ruck - Gawn
      Fwd - NRoo, Menzel, Lyons, Weller (Hill)
      I/C - Ross, Eski (Leuy)

      Will be a tall order with Prestia missing and Zaha finally euthanised.
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    7. Len
      Ready to Avenge, prepare to be boarded Moles

      Heath Shaw, Zachary Williams, Luke Brown, Tom Sheridan - Alex Neal-Bullen
      Callan Ward, Adam Treloar, Edward CURNOW, Andrew GAFF - Callum Mills
      Shaun Hampson
      Eddie Betts, Jack Martin, Brandon MATERA, Chris Mayne - Eric Hipwood
      Scott Thompson, Lachlan Hunter - Blake Acres
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    8. stowie
      I have limited access and time this week. I think I have plugged this into tsLeagues

      Pittard, Docherty, Savage, Rosa (Atley)
      Danger, Steven, Shuey, Scully
      Mumford (Lobb)
      Walters, Wright, Pavlich, Lloyd (Conca)
      Duncan, O'Rourke (Buckley)
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    9. YAD69
      Virgin's Team

      D - Simpson, May, Hurn, Biggs (Wellington)
      M - Neale, Sidebottom, Priddis, R Gray (Polec)
      R - Hannath
      F - JJ Kennedy, Johnson, Hutchings, Sicily (Vandanberg)
      I - Mundy, I Smith (Hartigan)

      Going very light in the ruck stakes with a 3rd stringer, however you never know your luck on the day.
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    10. choppers

      Late changes made to Chinchilla's Emergencies for the game against Drouin.

      Kerridge goes to FWD Emergency
      McKenzie goes to MID Emergency
      Harmes goes to I/C Emergency.
    11. TheTassieHawk
      Black Swamp (Finals Week 1)

      In – McVeigh, Newnes, Sheed, ZacClarke
      Out – Scott.D.Thompson (NM), JamesKelly, Puopolo, Sinclair

      McVeigh Cutler Mayes Bartel - SDT
      Cotchin Grigg Newnes Viney - Masten
      Cooney Westhoff Sheed BenBrown - Bruce
      ZacClarke - Geary
      JoelSelwood Bont - no emg
    12. TheTassieHawk
      @YAD69, hannath didn't make the 22 for freo (not sure whether he may get a late call up from the emergencies) so that is definitely very light in the ruck department !!
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    13. YAD69
      Virgins has recruited Scache to be an oop ruck being that Hannath is lost!
    14. anthak
      It is Useless Loop's first time to Jan Juc. Must've gotten confused. Where was he headed?
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    15. port_leschenault
      Good luck to those playing finals!
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    16. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Haynes out and no Bugg for back up!
    17. TheTassieHawk
      2nd quarter and half time ORFFF match scores - let me know if I have missed any or the scores don't match your tally

      ORFFFrd16 605by210.png
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    18. YAD69
      Bloody hell even my stand-in, stand-in ruck has got lost, are we in the Bermuda Triangle?
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    19. Len
      Thanks mate, wont be home until tomorrow afternoon so keeping proper track of scores a bit challenging.

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