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    4 sides remain in the hunt as the first season enters the all important last 2 weeks
    @stowie, @YAD69, @That KI Guy, @choppers

    fun fact 1 - only 4 sides sat at #1 on the ORFFF ladder this season, and all 4 made the prelims! Useless Loop (Rd1), Chinchilla (Rounds 2-5), Neptune Island (Rounds 9-10), and Drouin (Rounds 6-8 and 11-15)

    fun fact 2 - the lowest each side ever sat on the ladder was - Useless Loop 13th (Rd7, they were actually outside the 8 for Rounds 5-8), Drouin 5th (Rd1), Chinchilla 4th (Rds 12-15), Neptune Island 3rd (Rds5-6).

    but I digress..................... Finals Results so far
    QF1 - Drouin Dropbears 1234 defeated Chinchilla Chumps 1205
    QF2 - Neptune Island Noahs 1263 defeated Black Swamp 29ers 1081
    EF1 - Cockburn Avengers 1406 defeated Mole Creek Glow-Worms 1127
    EF2 - Jan Juc Ducks 1185 defeated by Useless Loop Virgins 1391

    SF1- Chinchilla Chumps 1168 defeated Cockburn Avengers 1162
    SF2 - Black Swamp 29ers 1255 defeated by Useless Loop Virgins 1452

    Another big round of finals last week has seen the Avengers and 29ers bow out for 2016 in contrasting fashion after a low scoring nailbiter at Chinchilla and a shootout at the Paddock, with both losing coaches having yet more reasons to detest the purple muppet (aka Ross the Boss).

    Meanwhile, Drouin and Neptune Island have been able to rest up as they now take on the surviving teams from Week 2

    Week 3 ORFFF Finals Fixture (AFL Round 21) - as always first named is the home side

    Preliminary Final 1 – Drouin Dropbears (1st, 14-1) vs Useless Loop Virgins(7th, 8-7)
    Last time they played (2016, ORFFF Round 14) – Drouin Dropbears 1233 defeated Useless Loop Virgins 1173 (60 points)

    Round 14 Brownlow votes and other tons
    Drouin: Dangerfield 140 (5 votes), Docherty 138 (4 votes)
    Useless Loop: Mundy 117 (3 votes), K Simpson 115 (2 votes), R Gray 111 (1 vote), Priddis 110

    When the 2 teams last met the Dropbears had a rare off week but managed to take the choccies with the Killer D-s dominating to the tune of 278 points. The rematch sees the visitors on the road for the 3rd time in the finals series and they will be hoping to make it 3 away wins in succession.

    The Dropbears have dominated 2016 and will be deserved favourites but as in the AFL sudden death finals bring pressure not seen so by the Vics so far this year. The Virgins are 2 more wins away from capping an against the odds premiership run.


    Preliminary Final 2 - Neptune Island Noahs (2nd 13-2) vs Chinchilla Chumps(4th, 10-5)
    Last time they played (2016, ORFFF Round 15) – Neptune Island Noahs 1438 defeated Chinchilla Chumps 1150 (288 points)

    Round 15 Brownlow votes and other tons
    Neptune Island: Gawn 128 (5 votes), D Menzel 120 (3 votes), Rich 113 (2 votes), Bastinac 107, Tyson 104, Haynes 101, N Riewoldt 101
    Chinchilla: JPK 127 (4 votes), Zorko 113 (1 vote), Sexton 110

    The Noahs have certainly inflicted some mental scars on the Chumps by handing them a club record 288 point loss the last time they crossed paths. The last remaining South Australian side will be looking to hit the scoreboard hard early to test the condition of a Chinchilla side that looks depleted but has managed to fight it’s way into the prelims on the back of an epic 6 point Semi Final win over the Avengers. The Chumps have match winners galore and will be looking to spoil the party through a mixture of intense defence and high octane offense.

    No surprises that the whole of New England in NSW will be backing the boys from Neptune Island this week.

    Finals team entry/Matchday reporting etc is at

    Previous Round threads are below
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Which 2 teams will qualify for the 2016 ORFFF Grand Final

Poll closed Aug 13, 2016.
  1. Drouin and Neptune Island

  2. Drouin and Chinchilla

  3. Neptune Island and Useless Loop

  4. Chinchilla and Useless Loop

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Discussion in 'ORFFF' started by TheTassieHawk, Aug 8, 2016.

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    1. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Terrific stuff @TheTassieHawk
      Doesn't look like the Chumps have many supporters left. Never mind, not much room for followers, banners or any other barracking paraphernalia in our tiny 3000 seat stadium.
      Expect it will be standing room only come the weekend with ticket holders asked to check bulky coats, umbrellas, shark repellant devices, wives and small children at the cloak room prior to entry.

      GO NOAHS!!
      (The original and the best ORFFF Sharks).
      Last edited: Aug 9, 2016
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    2. anthak
      Great writeup @TheTassieHawk thanks for that.
      Looking forward to these two games.

      Im gonna try to get the fixture in tsLeagues tomorrow.

      Good luck to all 4 teams remaining
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    3. anthak
      love the fun facts! That's really interesting :)

      I missed them the first time I read this.
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    4. anthak
      also, fixtures are now in tsLeagues ;)
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    5. choppers
      Chinchilla v Neptune IS.

      DEF: Wood Tuohy Grundy Impey (Collins)
      MID: Picken J.P.K. Armitage Caddy
      RUC: Naitanui (Phillips)
      FWD: Zorko Montagna Harmes Hall (Dickson)
      I/C: Kerridge Griffen (McLean)

      OUT: Mackie Sexton Dickson
      IN: Harmes Hall Impey
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    6. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Noahs lining up for a gig at the inaugural ORFFF Grannie.

      Def - JJ, Haynes, Howe, Rich (Bugg)
      Mid - Sloane, Tyson, Kelly, Bastinac (Zaha)
      Ruck - Gawn
      Fwd - NRoo, Lyons, Weller, Leuy (Hill)
      I/C - Ross, Smith (Hartung)

      Bob, Dan and Dion would love to be out there to assist you boys but you've got us this far.

      Best of luck for a fair fight @choppers
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    7. YAD69
      Virgin's Team up against the Dropbears

      D - Simpson, May, Hurn, Biggs (Wellington)
      M - Neale, Sidebottom, Priddis, R Gray (Yolmen)
      R - Sandilands
      F - JJ Kennedy, Johnson, Hutchings, Vandenberg (Polec)
      I - Mundy, I Smith (Hartigan)
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    8. YAD69
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    9. stowie
      Sorry for the lateness, Drouin going in with...

      D: Docherty, Pittard, Savage, Rosa (Atley)
      M: Dangerfield, Steven, Shuey, Scully (Mackay)
      R: Mumford
      F: Wright, Walker, Walters, Pavlich (Lloyd)
      I: Duncan, Lobb (Cunningham)
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    10. YAD69
      Dropbears go boom with Shuey!
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    11. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Rolling into the final quarter and the Noahs have a handy lead.

      NIN 1197/12/99 Vs CIC 1088/13/83

      The Gawn/Tyson sideshow have stacked the deck with Sloane ready to deal out Jokers.
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    12. choppers
      I tend to agree with that statement although the scores are a little closer than what your calculator came up with, I would suggest.

      I have them NIN 1191/12/99.25 to CCC 1196/13/92......

      This leaves Caddy and Hall to outscore Sloane, Leuey and Lyons. A tall order indeed.

      The deck firmly favours The Noahs.
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    13. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Very wise to question my midnight calculations.
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    14. choppers
      Noahs have finished too strong for the Chumps and are worthy winners.....1453-1355........Congrats to the victors:thumbsu:
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    15. That KI Guy
      That KI Guy
      Ended much closer than that @choppers 1411-1355.
      Commiserations on a double ORFF bow out.
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    16. YAD69
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    17. Len
      Cannot dislike this enough :p
    18. TheTassieHawk
      Commiserations to the Virgins (@YAD69) and Chumps (@choppers).

      The Neptune Island-Chinchilla match was the 10th highest aggregate scoring match this season as the boys from Queensland went out swinging (as Queensland boys are known to do) with the 7th highest losing score in ORFFF history.

      I'll get a Grand Final post up shortly.
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