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    This week's round sees the same matchups as Round 12 in 2016

    teams currently in the ORFFF top 8 in bold

    Neptune Island Noahs (6-1) vs Jan Juc Ducks (4-3) - 2nd vs 6th on the table and doubling up as 3rd place in the ORFF* knockout and 2018 ORFF* Champions League qualifier
    Useless Loop Virgins (6-1) vs Walpole Woylies (4-3) - The first of this weeks derbies sees the big improver Walpole take on a Virgins side which is is flying under the radar and will pretty much wrap up a top 4 spot if they can move to 7-1.

    Macquarie Island Whales (4-3)
    vs Nangkita Bucks (4-3) - Both these sides lost last week and will need to win this match to remain in the 8, while last time they played the margin was a heart-stopping 7 points (5th closest in ORFFF history) in a 1139-1132 slugfest, Mac Island achieving the 8th lowest winning score in ORFFF history.

    Cockburn Avengers (2-5) vs Mt Thirsty Boozers (5-2) - Cockburn are now on a 4 game losing streak for the second time in their club history as they sit 13th. Coach @Len will no doubt point out that last time the team were at this low ebb they then responded with a huge form turnaround to narrowly miss the ORFFF top 4 in 2016. I am expecting a fightback but Mt Thirsty will start strong favourites.

    Rutherglen Fugitives (6-1) vs Mole Creek Glow-Worms (0-7) - Stef Martin up against his old side. Rutherglen could quite possibly play their 2nds and still win this one. Chalk up #9 in a row for the Glow-Worms while the Fugitives take on Nuytsland in the ORFF* knockout Big Dance looking to secure the club's first ever silverware.

    Heard Island Shags (3-4) vs Drouin Dropbears (3-4) - The 4 teams on 3 wins clash this week with the battle deep in the Southern Ocean the first such. Drouin are poised to return to the top 8 if they can get the win. Last time they played Stowie dropped 1587 points on Anthak, which remains the ORFF"s highest ever score, while the Shags responded with a highly impressive 1353 (9th highest losing score in ORFF history). Their combined 2940 point aggregate missed the all time ORFFF record by 1 point, thus sitting 2nd highest ever.

    Maralinga Atoms (3-4) vs Black Swamp 29ers (3-4) - The 29ers don the Hazmat playing kit as they travel to the badlands this week with the winner of this clash no doubt pleased to be sitting at 4-4 after both sides had poor starts to the year. The Atoms will be playing with vengeance on their mind after losing by 400 plus last time the 2 sides met, in the 2nd most lopsided ORFF clash ever.

    Port Lincoln Power vs Wedge Island White Pointers - Last but not least is the household/SA derby, which went the way of Port lincoln by 50 points last time they played, due to a dodgy donut suffered by one obviously very clued in husband.

    As always get your team entered over at http://tooserious.net/forum/tsLeagues.php?leagueId=14

    Previous 2017 Round threads are below

    Good luck to Rutherglen as they fly the flag for the ORFFF in the first ever ORFF* Grand Final at Rutherglen in Round 8.

    (and ps I will be overseas for 3 weeks shortly so if anyone feels like putting up a Round 10 Rivalry round thread either prior to or following the All Stars match in Round 9 then feel free to do so)
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Where on the ORFFF ladder will big improvers Walpole finish the 2017 roster season ?

Poll closed May 14, 2017.
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  2. 5th-6th (home Elimination Final)

  3. 7th-8th (away Elimination Final)

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Discussion in 'ORFFF' started by TheTassieHawk, May 8, 2017.

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    1. TheTassieHawk
      the final post from Round 12, 2016 was as follows:-

    2. leematty1
      Birchall has provided absolutely nothing this year and once again exits the team, highly likely this is his last game for the boozers... (will be up for trade very soon)

      Def: C Sutcliffe, M Suckling, M Hurley, S Frost (H Crozier)
      Mid: T Rockliff, T Mitchell, B Goddard, J Watson (D Zaharakis)
      Ruck: P Ryder
      Fwd: L Franklin, J Cameron, J Billings, J Elliott (B Matera)
      Int: J Trengove, O Fantasia (J Hamling)
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    3. anthak
      Heard Island round 8

      Out: Dave Swallow
      In: Clay Smith

      D - JLloyd, JJohannisen, JMcGovern, MBroadbent (JWagner)
      M - NFyfe, TLiberatore, LJong, MCrouch (RClarke)
      R - MKreuzer
      F - JPatton, CSmith, JDaniher, JCarlisle (NCockatoo)
      I - BMaynard, BEllis (DTucker)
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    4. TheTassieHawk
      Black Swamp (Round 8)

      In - SDT
      Out - Geary

      McVeigh C Hooker SDT Mayes - Geary
      Viney Duckwood Grigg Barlow - Newnes
      Westhoff DeGoey BenBrown S Reid - Puopolo
      Sinclair - Mackay (oop)
      Bont Masten

      The 29ers match committee again had a longer meeting and decided to reward SDT for his BOG effort in the 2's last week with Jaryn Geary the unlucky player to miss out, and coaches favourite Puopolo edged out Jarryd Blair for the Forward emergency spot. Blair, Dom Sheed and James Kelly will run out for the Black Swamp 2nds. On a promising note we have 23 players playing AFL or on the 7 man bench and 3 emergencies (Stewart, Bird and Gallucci) with the other 4 either injured (Cutler/Crameri), suspended (Allir twice) or a project player (Collins).

      It's another 8 pointer and a chance to even the ledger at 4-4 this week for the 29ers who after a long day aboard the team bus are bunking down in Peterborough (about 80km East of Port Augusta) on Thursday night before arriving in Maralinga by ligth aircraft from Nullarbor town a few hours before the first siren.

      Good luck @Brett Sanders
    5. Brett Sanders
      Brett Sanders
      Maralinga Atoms round 8 team

      Def. S Burgoyne, B Reid, M Hibberd, A Mackie
      Mid. D Martin, B Gibbs, S Coniglio, B Crouch
      Ruck. B McEvoy
      Fwd. R Burton, J Roughead, T Boyd , C Wingard
      Int. T Goldstein, T Dumont
      Emergencies M Williams, D Thomas, D Rioli
      D Lang (Int Em)
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    6. ViQBoZ
      Round 8 Team

      Aish, Fiorini
      OUT: Francis, McCluggage,

      Brodie Smith, Oscar McDonald, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Adam Saad, Curtly Hampton (e)
      MID: James Aish, Sam Gray, Patrick Cripps, Sam Petrevski-Seton, Anthony Miles (e)
      RUC:Charlie Curnow (oop)
      FWD: Isaac Heeney, Dean Kent, Christian Petracca, Touk Miller, Jade Gresham (e)
      INT: Brayden Fiorini, Bailey Williams, Jake Barrett (e)
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    7. stowie
      Here. We. Go.

      DEF - Docherty, Pittard, Atley, Cunningham (McIntosh)
      MID - Danger, Duncan, Shuey, Scully (?)
      RUC - Mumford
      FWD - Walker, Lobb, Wright, Walters (Amon)
      INT - Steven, Sheppard (Markov)
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    8. tyze1
      Round 8 Rutherglen v Mole Creek

      In: Wells
      Out: Wood

      B: Macmillan, Salem, Hodge, Harbrow (Johnson)
      M: Pendlebury, Cotchin, Shiel, Cunnington (Parish)
      R: Martin
      F: Macrae, Lynch, Gunston, Watts (Rioli)
      I: Lewis, Wells (Wood)
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    9. TheTassieHawk
      @leematty1 - it's probably quicker and easier if you list the 3-4 Boozers players NOT up for trade rather than the 26-27 that are
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    10. leematty1
      hahaha, almost true
    11. Dale Duivesteyn
      Dale Duivesteyn
      Hey guys, after struggling to field a full team for 3 weeks, i finally can make form decisions haha
      IN's: R.Henderson, Z.Smith, D. Pearce
      OUT: J.Gibson, J.O'Meara, A.Fasolo

      Def: D.Roberton, A.Otten, M.Paparone, R.Henderson (J.Hombsch)
      Mid: J.Lyons, S.Mitchell, N.Graham, L.Shiels (R.Bewick)
      Ruc: Z.Smith
      Fwd: C.Cameron, L.Dahlhaus, J.Riewoldt, T.Nankervis (J.Darling)
      Int: D.Pearce, B.Keays (L.Dunstan)
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    12. Darran

      Macquarie Island
      Alex Sexton,
      Out: Koby Stevens (Unfairly suspended)

      Back: Zach Tuohy, Leigh Montagna, Marcus Adams, Heath Grundy (David Astbury)
      Mid: Josh P. Kennedy, Aaron Hall, Dayne Zorko, Josh Caddy
      Ruck: Matthew Leuenberger
      Fwd: Shaun Higgins, Steven Motlop, Will Hoskin-Elliott, Toby McLean (Bailey Dale)
      I/C: Alex Sexton, Jarman Impey
    13. Len
      These ruckless Avengers are thirsty, The Battle for the Bar commences :p

      Zachary Williams, Heath Shaw, Matthew Boyd, Callum Mills -
      Marc Murphy, Josh Kelly, Callan Ward, Lachlan Hunter
      Kurt Tippett - Luke Brown
      Jack Steele, Blake Acres, Jack Martin, Lachlan Weller - Eric Hipwood
      Edward CURNOW, Brad Scheer - Griffin Logue
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    14. YAD69
      Useless Loop Virgins - Round 8 Team

      Def: Kade Simpson, Steven May, Shannon Hurn, Sharrod Wellingham (Matt Dea)
      Mid: Lachie Neale, Matt Priddis, Robbie Gray, Steele Sidebottom (Mark Hutchings)
      Ruck: Aaron Sandilands
      Fwd: Josh J. Kennedy, Rhys Stanley, Tom Phillips, Isaac Smith (Josh Schache)
      Int: David Mundy, Jared Polec (Ed Vickers-Willis)

      Out: Steve Johnson, James Sicily
      In: Sharrod Wellingham, Josh Schache

      Some position movements for the Virgin's, after some poor performances under the sheets Johnson's been handcuffed to the bench while Polec been given an opportunity back on the field to show his four play.
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    15. TheTassieHawk
      Maralinga is on 1/51 vs 29ers 2/202 following the opening Friday night match
    16. TheTassieHawk
      Aided by a strong showing from its Hawks contingent Maralinga @Brett Sanders has dominated the 2nd day of proceedings to post a commanding 964/11 to 581/7 lead over the visitors.

      Dusty, Wingard, Dumont and Goldy will take the field on Sunday for the Atoms while Grigg, Barlow and the Hoff play in the early games for the 29ers before Scott D Thompson, Ben Brown, McVeigh, Sinclair and Sam Reid run out in the last match to complete proceedings.
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    17. leematty1
      Ok boozers record chase is on again this weekend. Some monster scores with 6 of the 11 scoring 115+.

      Avengers 11-930.5 avg 84.5 vs Boozers 11-1199 avg 109

      Could have smashed some records considering we had two not on the field scoring over 200 as well. With Wallis nearing a return and two first round picks in the upcoming MSD, the boozers are set to reverse last seasons poor finish.
    18. TheTassieHawk
      The Boozers @leematty1 all time best is in the 1440's and with Sutcliffe, Ryder, Trengove and Buddy lining up tomorrow and the Avengers defence already in tatters they appear to be in line to better that and post a top 5 all-time ORFFF score.
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    19. leematty1
      Boozers beat there all time best sitting around 1440 with buddy to come.
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